How to make a screen on Android smartphones in different

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If you want to keep an important detail in the picture or explain a feature on your device, creating screenshots - the most convenient option.This feature is very popular, it is easy to perform using a combination of buttons, or other fast methods.This article describes methods of how to make a screen on Android in several different smartphones.

method is suitable for most devices

With the advent of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich screenshots process has become much easier.Most devices must use the same key combination.

Press the power button and volume down at the same time and hold them for as long as you hear the sound or will not be notified otherwise that the photo was taken.In many devices at the same time you can see how around the screen appeared a white frame.Usually, at this moment it is loaded quick preview of the captured image in the image below.

You can then open the photo gallery in the "Screenshots".Accessing the image may via USB.To do this, sync your smartphone with your computer and go to the folder "Images", and then - "Screenshot" in the internal memory or on the SD-card.

How to screen on Android in another way?It should be noted that it is not possible for all devices.Press the power button on your phone and wait for the menu.In the event that the method works, you will see as one of the points of the inscription "screenshot".The menu automatically disappears as soon as you take the picture.

How to screen on Android in previous versions?

In older devices, the software does not support this feature.You will need to update the OS or downloading third-party applications.In addition, some smartphone has its own specifics on how to make the screen display Android.


Smartphones firms "Samsung" has a completely different key combinations to make a screenshot.If your model - Galaxy S4, S3, and other varieties of this series - you need to press the Home button and the Power button at the same time (as opposed to decrease the volume control) and hold until you hear a sound generated by the photo.

For Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1, there are three methods of how to make a screen on Android.Open the Settings menu, hover the stylus over the screen and press the S Pen, to display the following options:

1. Notes.This feature is available in the Setup menu and allows you to outline the circle of the screen that you want to keep.Then you can use the screenshots in their own articles or sort by category.This screen for Android is saved in Scrapbook.

2. Note.By using the entire surface of the screen Note at a particular time it will be covered, and you can write notes over it in different colors if you want anything to distinguish himself.

3. Button S Pen.All devices Galaxy, equipped with the stylus, hold the button and the S Pen stylus tip of a long press on the screen will make a screenshot.

Some other phones also offer various modes and the possibility of creating screenshots.