Monument to Krylov IA .: beasts speak for fabulist

In the Summer Garden, in the heart of the picturesque playground stands an interesting and unique of its kind monument to Krylov.At the 3.5-meter granite pedestal adorned with characters of fables, sits a bronze statue of the famous Russian fabulist.

History monument

Krylov Monument in St. Petersburg was built in 1855 by private donations.Summer garden was not chosen by chance: it is here loved to walk fabulist.

The statue, by sculptor P. Klodt, initially wanted to portray Krylov in a Roman toga, so the mood was inspired by the idealistic style of the time of Pushkin and Belinsky.Ultimately, however, he focused on the life of the great fabulist image.

bronze statue of Ivan Krylov

When viewing the monument to Krylov impression that little tired Ivan Andreevich in his favorite long-skirted coat, which he wore in the last years of his life, sat down to rest on a stone.

In his features visible special spirituality.I think he is about to write a new book in his fable.In the guise of Krylov no pretentiousness and embellished only peaceful pensive face that the sculptor skilfully displayed the intelligence and talent of the writer.

granite pedestal

special interest is a square pedestal decorated heroes of fables.P. Klodt created the figures of animals from nature.In his workshop he lived a zoo: a bear with cubs and tame wolf, monkey, AP Bogolyubov brought from the island of Madeira, lambs, a donkey, a crane and other birds and animals.Perhaps that is why the animals depicted on the monument is very realistic.

only to goat sculptor felt an inexplicable aversion.The neighbor's grandmother led her goat every day in the studio to pose.Hold shy animal near the wolf and the bear was not so easy.However, a great desire to perpetuate his mistress pet bronze bore fruit grandmother cope with a stubborn animal, the figure of a goat on a pedestal turned believable and natural.

Characters fables

Before you create a monument to Krylov, the sculptor had read all of his works and the characters portrayed the 36 fables.Both adults and children remember the half-forgotten verses of animal images.This explains the keen interest that always makes people monument to Krylov.Photos of fragments of the pedestal echo the lines of the famous fables.That naughty-monkey and clumsy bear.Learned "Bremen Town Musicians"?And here '... crane your neck, put his nose to the Wolf's mouth ... "

fence, made in the fashion of the times eclectic style, combine with a monument.Set it to 20 years after the end of the work and the opening of the pedestal in order to avoid damage to the bas-reliefs.

Once Ivan Andreevich said his animals from fables speak for him.Perhaps that is why on the podium very modestly says, "Krylov 1855".And indeed, nothing to add, can only be considered a monument to Krylov and remember the memorable lines from enlightening, not devoid of humor, fables.