Morality - a true moral practice

Morality - it is a vast and complex subject.Many take it upon myself to talk and express themselves on the matter.But the ease and the number of discussions indicate that clarity in understanding the meaning of morality, spirituality and morality is absent.

Morality - it is really a moral practice, internal self-control actions.This acceptance of responsibility for the actions committed.At the same moral can only be a free man, because it is based on the concept of free will.Morality - it is an internal installation of the individual to act as his conscience tells him, according to his principles.

rules of morality

Sometimes morality understood as synonymous with morality, but these concepts are shared in the time of Hegel.Morality is just an external requirement to human behavior, that is a proper sphere, perfect, and morality - is the realm of things, really.After all, there is a big difference between what people think properly and how they actually do.

Moreover, if a person is deprived of freedom of choice and freedom of action, it can not bear the moral responsibility for what he did to them.Although emotionally it can survive.Sometimes called the moral distinction between good and evil, but only if the individual understands the differences between these two categories.After all, the benefits and harms differ from good and evil.Recent concepts associated with a certain freedom of choice.

formation of moral

Moral relations develop between people who want to exercise their moral values.These relationships include solidarity, justice, love, or, on the contrary, violence, conflict and so on.The moral consciousness - a free choice between good and evil, and understanding the difference between them.The moral blindness - the inability to distinguish good from evil.

concept of moral behavior in every society formed in different ways, and it can change over a long historical period.Today, for example, decided to take care of children, it is considered proper and humane.But in ancient Sparta to kill the child was perfectly normal thing to do, if he was born physically weak and undeveloped.

Many people believe that morality - the commandments proclaimed Christian morality.Such standards are recognized not only by Christians, but most of mankind.They condemn cheating, stealing, murder, calling to honor our parents and love our neighbor.For these simple regulations is a huge experience of mankind, not one generation of intelligent people.

All of the above rules everyone knows, but it is dead capital for a man if he does not come under the requirements of morality.Taking responsible decisions, doing things, helping people, people living on the moral requirements, rather than the law of the jungle.Morality - this is what makes us human.