Mainstream - what is this?

question the youth of today is full of various obscure the common man sayings that have become a kind of slang.One of today's popular words - "mainstream".What's this?- You will be surprised.But surely it is already in your ears and often in sight.This whole Internet is teeming, talking about him, and it is fashionable.Today, young people do not know what the mainstream, even ashamed.Therefore, if you want to keep abreast of the time, let's see.

Mainstream - what's that?

Let's start with the fact that the term is totally new.He appeared for a long time, and originally referred to the art itself, but rather, to literature.Mainstream emerged somewhere in the 1940s in the United States.The author of this term is not known reliably.There are versions that it was an American writer and literary critic William Dean Howells (1837-1920), who gave their preference only works written in a realistic way.

So, what does the mainstream?The literal translation from English is the "main direction", the "main line".Speaking the language of science, we can give the following definition: this is the prevailing trend in any kind of activity (literature, art, music, science, politics, etc.) At a certain time interval.

modern mainstream - what's that?

today called mainstream mass trends that are popular in society.Trends relate mainly to art and culture.The word "mainstream" is used to show the contrast with the alternative of popular culture, underground and other non-mass directions.In other words, the mainstream is designed for a large number of consumers.

In today's mainstream - is the fashion for certain things, behaviors.For example, in recent years it has become urgent to read books or cook exotic dishes, or work "on udalenke" or take pictures and upload images to social networks.

mainstream music in Russian music - is, of course, "B-2", Zemfira, "Mumiy Troll" and "CHajf."

Mainstream on the Internet - is Vkontakte, Instagram and cats.In recent years, the world is obsessed with these furry animals!Their photographs have filled nearly the entire Internet.

Mainstream in cars - the Ford Focus, in tourism - Turkey and Egypt in the business - tax evasion, and so on. D.

Negative mainstream - what's that?

addition to the above, have mainstream and negative values.This kind of fashion for mass stupid behavior.For example, a very common strange behavior of girls who take pictures of themselves in the toilet areas and thus make "duck lips".Negativity is manifested mainly in the Internet communication.In this way the concept of "mainstream" is considered as aggressive and fashion for most of the herd, that can not understand and accept some other views.Sometimes this term is also called beaten and trivial, that are negative connotations and imply something dull and tiresome.

Thus, the mainstream - is that in his area is considered the most common and popular.