Beautiful and functional: 20 canteens in industrial style

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As you know, fashion is moving in a circle, and the interior design - is no exception.In recent years there has been a revival of styles and trends that give designers a new elegant look.Industry - is one of the basic styles, whose influence is felt most in the modern world.Restrained, putting superior ergonomics beauty he returns.We offer a review of the best dining rooms, decorated in a timeless style.

brick, metal and wood

to design the interior in a pleasing style, be sure to understand its main components.In the case of industrial style they can even call the driving forces.From the very beginning, the era of the Industrial Revolution there was not supposed to focus the visual beauty of the place, it's working atmosphere.That is why contemporary designers there is an amazing mix of contrasting textures.Dining should fully comply with the chosen direction.

Brick walls are an absolute favorite among homeowners in the design of industrial-style dining rooms.They help to achieve harmony, combining the comfort of home and the avant-garde interior.Metal window frames, massive wooden beams, rough concrete surfaces - a perfect combination that helps to create a unique dining room.It will only complement it all properly chosen color scheme.

Light does not happen much

Lighting plays a crucial role in any interior, but in Asia, the Mediterranean, and industrial style, it becomes more important than doubled.Basically, the traditional preference for large metal fixtures which perfectly fit into the interior.

There are alternatives that are not inferior to the conventional choice.For lighting in the dining room you can use any industrial-style chandeliers, bearing an appropriate atmosphere.They only give the interior a modern or medieval magic charm, creating a wonderful fusion of styles.It may be a luxury chandelier from Tom Dixon, and handmade lamps.The main thing is to match the colors and other decorative elements.

functionality above all

Most often industrial-style room is a large open space, but at least it will look great and a small room.However, for this dining room will need to pay more attention.The first thing you need to solve the problem with lighting.If the room is really small, you have to visually expand it at the expense of the living room.The color scheme should be minimal.The background is selected only one dominant texture - brick, metal or concrete.

unusual avant-garde view of

dining room, decorated in the industrial style allows you to experiment with the decor and accessories are much freer than any other.Originally will look huge chandeliers, bold paintings on the walls, even the vintage bike will come in handy.Custom dining table, eclectic mix of chairs, a sudden burst of colors - everything is able to create a unique atmosphere in the dining room and turn into a stunning backdrop.However, care must be taken not to overdo it with the details.

Used things restored decor, too, are an integral part of the industrial style.It can be painted old car parts, Vintage vase on the dining table - everything can be found at the flea market.Interior certainly need to add personality, and this will require imagination.

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