Great poem "Mtsyri": the plan is capable of quotations reflect its brilliance

To make the plan of quotations of the poem "The Novice", you must at least have an idea and another.It is not difficult to imagine that such a plan - headings it should consist of quotations, most characterize the meaning of the passage.On the beautiful poem every Russian citizen knows, or rather, should know from school.

Genius inexcusable who died early

Mikhail Lermontov, who was born in 1814 and died in 1841-m, lived 27 years incomplete.What, besides genius, can be explained by the fact that he entered into the history of Russia and not only as a talented poet, novelist, playwright and painter.His collected works are 4 volumes.But he was not a "free artist", Mikhail Lermontov served in the Russian army.It should be noted that it is not just a literary figure, who knows, he read and cited authors (so make a plan of quotations Lermontov's poem "The Novice" is not particularly difficult).

undying popularity

His works filmed, and some poems, especially the above and "demons," many of you know by heart.His works are easily read, with interest, over them, as they say, not timeless.Older people remember the television transmission cycle Irakli Andronnikova - the biggest fan of talent Lermontov, his fans and brilliant popularizer of the poet.

Irakli Andronikov and he was incredibly talented person, artistic, send it memorable, caused interest in what he was saying.Under his influence, Lermontov, familiar from childhood, read and reread.One of the great features of the Soviet era was a massive and implanted a love of literature and reading, especially poetry, was in demand.Intelligentsia was fashionable game - to continue this line of companion poem.

«Novice» - the undisputed treasure of world literature

And, of course, the poem "The Novice" of quotations plan where you want to make, it was one of most frequently recited.The compelling poem Lermontov?They have an interesting storyline - a small, fascinating story, they are written in the language of spectacular - so easy to read, just do not notice that this is poetry, and poetry is very good.

Thus, the "Novice."Citationality plan as simple, must reveal the essence of the work - the history of the Georgian boy exported from the territory of the Russian general hostilities.Parents Novice (in Georgian means "monk novice" - so called hero works because of his name, no one knew) obviously died, and it weakened a long, hard road, a senior Russian army was forced to leaveroadside monastery.Just a few opening lines of the poet describes the specific location and time occurring once there events and future fate of the monastery - it was destroyed shortly after the events described.

citation Plan - a summary of the poem

Despite the small volume, the plot of the poem contains parts, tells the story of a hero.Citationality plan "Novice" for heads must comply with it.

Short story works as follows.The boy remains in the monastery, under the supervision of an old monk.He recovered, but first dichitsya others.Time passes, and everything seems to be that the Novice accustomed to captivity and is already preparing to take vows.But it only seems that way - during a thunderstorm boy disappears.He sought and found tortured on the third day of searching, bring to the monastery, but refuses to be treated Novice.Before his death comes to him tutor-monk - hear confession.Actually, the whole future of the poem - is the story of a young man devoid of motherland, parents, the faith of the fathers, but not forgotten all that and Brad shoots.For the purpose, if not go back, at least for air of freedom and see the life behind the walls of the monastery.Citationality plan "Novice" is intended to reflect the chapters and the wild joy with which the hero escaped from prison, because he had never dreamed of monastic life.

Why do we need a plan?

plan should not forget about that short love that he could feel and enjoy beauty, going down to the stream to fetch water.It is necessary to illuminate the hand grips with the leopard, he was not afraid to take, and which won strong predator, leaving the young man's chest fatal wounds.

Any phrase this brilliant poem carries some meaning or short sketches.Get at least the line, which tells how Novice watched a young pigeon, clogged storm into the slot from the window of his dungeon.Felt that this hero of the poem "The Novice" of quotations plan which is designed to primarily describe unbowed, freedom-loving spirit of a proud young man?

greatest talent of the poet

most important thing is that Lermontov was able to accurately convey the feeling of a prisoner who does not just breathe deeply and ready as brother and sister embrace the storm, ready to rejoice and to compare themselves with the moving, clever snake.The key is that he seems a premonition that the joy of freedom he released only two days.All around him he sees the beauty in this sad perspective - the first and last time.From all this feeling extremely aggravated.Seeing beyond the Caucasus, he recalls in detail the house, family, village, father and sisters.He did not repent of the escape, which brought him to death, he only regrets that as a bad and weak rider fell with a mighty horse, carrying home, and it became available to him.Novice are at a time when he was delirious, and he from the unbearable thirst seems that it lies at the bottom of a beautiful, clear stream.Confessions of a request ends with the hero to move him into the garden, under the acacia tree, visible from the Caucasus.Looking at the mountains, young man, in gratitude for the received minutes of freedom and happiness, dies in harmony with the world, no one cursed.

These pearls of Russian literature

In Russian literature works for the education of children who are in love of country must be taught from childhood.These include the poem "The Novice" of quotations plan to which alone can give an idea of ​​this beautiful work.It should be noted that at the time of writing the poem Lermontov was 25 years old.He was a wealthy man, surrounded by a fanatical love of her grandmother.We can only bow before the author's ability to so accurately describe the unexplored his own feelings.