What was the name of the Russian poet Maikov?

Someone just now learns how to name the Russian poet Maikov, and others have long been familiar with his work.The portrait depicts Apollo Nikolaevich - the author and translator.

Mike poet: biography

His biography is interesting, but not eventful.

Writer born 23.5.1821, in the family of a nobleman Nikolai Apollonovich, painter and academician.His mother wrote interesting poems and prose.A brother of the poet - the literary critic and publicist.Rhode Maikova consisted of very talented people, who kept the cultural traditions: varied and interesting.

Family poet distinguished hospitality, so in their Moscow house and estate near Moscow was always a lot of people.Frequent visitors were people connected with art.The atmosphere of the house Maikova consistent development of cultural interest in the future of the poet.He soon became interested in literature, art, and he began to get involved in writing poetry.


Apollo studied at St. Petersburg University in 1937.He chose the Faculty of Law.The young man continues to make art.Due to the short-sightedness Apollo forced to leave the passion for painting and seriously focus on literature.In 1841, after graduating from university, Mike is in the Department of the Treasury.After one year, Apollo has released the first collection of poems, which has received positive reviews from the critic Vissarion Belinsky Griorevicha.So people heard the name of the Russian poet Maikov.


receiving allowance to visit abroad for a long period of Emperor Nicholas I, Mike went to Italy.There he continued his studies in literature, combining them with visits to museums and exhibitions.Apollo then went to Paris and met with the help of lectures from the world of literature and painting.Next, Russian poet Maikov sent to travel to European cities for the same purpose.

In 1844, Apollo returned to Russia.He got help in the library of the Rumyantsev Museum.Poet Mike is preparing to release her second collection, which was dedicated to the impressions of his trip to Italy.After working as a librarian Apollo passed the censor committee of foreign censorship in St. Petersburg.


So all learned how to name the Russian poet Maikov, and met with his biography, and now it was the turn of his work.

His lyrical works are often found in a special way in Russian history, the countryside and nature.He expresses his love for them.The author writes that it is important, and that is valuable for him.In his poetry collection "Sketches of Rome" included works full of impressions from the trip to Italy.Here is one that resonated with readers.

... Ah, love me without thinking,

without anguish, without a thought the fatal,

without reproach, without a doubt, empty,

What's there to think about?I am yours, you are mine!...

Completion life path

poet Mike passed a happy way of life, light and smooth.His fame, long-lasting, but not violent, made him respected by the authorities and society.Critics were not cruel to him.And the name of the poet Maikov readers remember it for a lifetime.

Twenty-Seventh February 1897, Mike went out lightly dressed and ill.A twentieth of March, he died.Apollo was buried in the cemetery of Novodevichy Monastery in St. Petersburg.

for the overall development of any educated person needs to know, what was the name of the Russian poet Maikov.Acquainted with his work is a writer famous poems have deeper meaning.He was not known to the public as well as Alexander Pushkin, his fame has been modest, but true connoisseurs of poetry remember and respect him.