How to clean the C drive of unnecessary files by using different software?

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While working on an old PC, and not only at some point could become a very topical issue of how to clean the C drive of unnecessary files.Though the size of hard drives is now measured in terabytes, it is still free space is important.Unsystematic accumulation of data and information eventually leads to the fact that most people are facing this problem.It can be solved in three ways: built-in utilities, third-party software, and combinations thereof.The latter method is the most practical.Partially out of the situation by using the manual operations: copy and delete.Each of these methods can achieve a positive result, when you need to clean the disc with unnecessary files.


Ever since the old operating system MS-DOS users have to periodically clean up disk space by removing unnecessary information.To do this, the team used both the OS and file managers (like Norton Commander).This method, and to this day is important.Now let's deal with how clean the disk from the files in the current operating corporation "Microsoft" in this way.It is applicable for the folder "Desktop", "My Pictures", "My Documents", "My entries" and the system catalog «Temp».All content, except for labels, the first four elements of best copy on another logical drive, such as the D. To do this, hold down the Ctrl key and hold it in stages to press the left mouse button on each icon you want to move.Then open another logical volume and choose "Paste."For more ordering information, you can create a catalog and have it move data.To open a folder "Temp" press right combination of Win and R. opens "Run."In it, enter the command "temp" and click "OK".After opening the folder and press the Ctrl A. After selecting the entire contents of Del click and hold it, Shift.If you are prompted respond positively by pressing "OK".At this stage of its over.


now deal with how clean the C drive of unnecessary files using the built-in utilities.It's enough to open the "My Computer" icon on the system partition context menu by right-clicking.It choose "Properties".In the window on the "General" tab there is a button "Disk Cleanup."After clicking the left mouse button to open the corresponding window.It choose the required items by setting flags.


For this operation, you can use third-party applications, which, in contrast to the built-in tools have more features and capabilities.As an example application CCleaner.It can not only solve the problem of how to clean the C drive of unnecessary files, but also to correct major errors in the OS registry.To remove unnecessary system information you need to go to the tab "Cleaning" do right "analysis", followed by the data to perform uninstall.

Final recommendations

In order to avoid problems with how clean the C drive of unnecessary files, it is best to carry out periodic maintenance of all three ways that were previously set out.This will not only monitor the amount of free space on the drive, but also to prevent a variety of problems that may arise in the future.