Love poetry Nekrasov - a reflection of the author's personal cardiac affections

At acquaintance with the works of Nikolai Nekrasov is not usually an association with the works of love.Basically, it reflects the everyday life of the line.This is seen primarily in his works such as "Women in Russian villages" and "Peasant children".However, a closer study of the life and poetry of the poet becomes clear that the love poems in the work of Nekrasov still present.

feelings and life in the works of Nikolai Nekrasov

, like many other creative people, was a very loving man.Passionate nature demanded constant presence in his life, muse, and, of course, this is reflected in his works.According to the biography of the poet, love poems Nekrasov appeared during the first love in a governess.It was nice, but at the same time, the crafty girl.Nikolai is in agreement with it, the expenses during his begging.But his love was of rather earthly character and is considered by many literary critics, was a kind of "plebeian love."However, later in the life of classic appeared passionate and mad love for Avdotya Panaeva unmatched.

bright feeling

It Avdotya Nikolai devoted one of the cycles of their works.We can rightly say that the love poems of Nekrasov in this period is truly a masterpiece.His lines are penetrated deep feelings for a woman.Nekrasov spoke passionately about love, passion and extremely sincere.But do not think that these relations are cloudless and light.After all, on the fact of the beloved poet was a married lady.However, this "small" nuance of her life did not become an obstacle.And then love, in spite of everything, began to live together.What are the main features of love poetry Nekrasov?Reading many of his works, we see that the whole storm of the emotions, everything was conceived in his mind, he transferred to the paper.That is why the love poems of Nekrasov in lines dedicated Panaeva, has some autobiographical character.We can see that creating the poetic cycle, the author was full of bitterness.Nikolai was sincere to the utmost, and on extremely vulnerable.According to literary critics, these works are comparable only with the frankness of feelings "Denisevskim cycle" Tiutchev.

image of the hero works

lyrical work "amazed irretrievable loss," the poet tells us, by the will of fate dying love.

She still - the cold gloom of the coffin,

Shame on you, fame, hate, love -

went out and saving anger,

As long as the blood warmed .

As can be seen from the above lines, the hero is dependent on their feelings.The loss of the beloved makes it limp and weak personality.The woman, whose character is feeling, dies, and it is extremely difficult to understand and accept the laws of the universe.But it is impossible to return the feelings, as well as impossible to turn back the clock.The hero is left alone with his grief, and help no one.Love poetry Nekrasov's poem, written in a fit of passion and tenderness, characterized by reverence for the beloved.In his work at the image of women has a strong will and determination, while the hero is usually deprived of such qualities.We can say that the hero of love works of Nikolai copied from himself, he is the same analyzes, insecure and always a doubting character, nevertheless has not lost the ability to love.

Reflection heart affections in the works of the poet

Also affair with Panaeva, in the poet's life had other love.So Nikolai was in a relationship with Selena Lefroy, a French origin.By the time Nekrasov was able to significantly improve their financial situation.This undoubtedly pleased his new lover.Of course, he was well aware that runs Celina, but his feelings were too strong.Love poetry Nekrasov while it was soaked by doubts, suffering and heavy thoughts.Soon the French takes place is not very different from her Praskovja Meisha.This lady is already at that time was a widow and also managed to considerably condition therefore use.

Last Love Nekrasov

Towards the fiftieth milestone in the soul of the poet's amorous feelings flare up again, but by twenty Thecla Anisimovna Viktorov.Age does not interfere with Nikolai former fervor, enthusiasm and zeal to surrender to his feelings.Especially since she loves it and can not imagine their existence without it.After a while, putting a lot of effort and gaps in education, the beloved poet Thecla transformed into Zinaida.Of course, that while the poet's works have become somewhat different.At that time, he wrote a series of poems.Feelings of Nikolai to this girl were the last of his life.Apparently, this is what prompted to Nekrasov, to seal their union in the church.


examining the poet's life, it can be concluded that the diversity and multiplicity of works of love are associated with a variety of cardiac affections of the poet.Such a number of lyrical cycles, of course, greatly enriched Russian literature.For the love of the poet - it's always a pain and suffering.On the one hand, these feelings make man richer, but on the other - it is internally weakened and becomes addicted.But this is the law of love:

sorry!I do not remember days of declines,

Tosca, sadness, anger, -

storms do not remember, can not remember the tears,

not remember the jealousy of threats!