How to write a rhyme?

Rhyme - a harmony of all lines in the poems.Its purpose is to enhance the rhythmic organization, which is very important.The most important thing that should be in the poem - it rhymes.What types of them, soon you will know.The rhythmic units must be repeated at the same interval of time, as required internal proportionality - it can be called the foundation of the poem.Without this it may not exist.In addition syllabic-tonic verse rhyme performs two functions.First, it reinforces rhythm, and secondly, is impressively-visual means.Therefore, in order to carry out an analysis of the poem, you must be able to recognize it rhymes.In principle, it is quite simple.

types of rhymes

What rhymes are in the literature?There are three main types, namely dactylic, female and male.The latter include a rhyme in which the stress is on the final syllable, located within the line, for example, "to come - take."What can we say about women's style?There the emphasis is on the penultimate syllable, located within the line, for example, "the Czechs - the nuts."Dactylic rhyme is a bit more complicated.It accounts for the emphasis on the third syllable, if you count from the end.For example, a "north - clover."Therefore, to identify the type of rhyme, it is necessary to place the emphasis in the lines and see on which syllable is necessary.I consider it necessary to end.

special type - giperdaktilicheskaya rhyme

There is another type of rhyming - giperdaktilicheskie, they are more complicated.For example, the "orange - Melange".There are often no rhyme.They are present, for example, in the works of Brusov.

Types rhymes

What types of rhymes?There are accurate and inaccurate.To recognize any of these types, you need to look as far as the same consonants and vowels at the ends of lines.Identify them is quite simple.As for the exact rhymes, the end members of the same lines of the letters are the same.For example, "berries - a pagoda."Inaccurately called rhyme based on one tune, and in some cases, two letters.For example, the "glass - sundress."

To determine the kind of rhyme, it is necessary to pay attention to the ends of the conformable lines and see how much they identical letters.This is no big deal.If there are one or two overlapping sound, and they do not, it's an inexact rhyme.And what if at the end of lines of three or more identical consonants and vowels?In this case, we can conclude that this is the exact rhyme.Be it not so difficult.It is not enough to know what there is rhyme.We should also be able to distinguish between them.

Methods rhyme

In addition, you should understand the ways of rhyming.They are many, but a few basic: the ring, the cross, as well as adjacent.

As for the latter method, it is a rhyming lines near: third and fourth, first and second (like aabb).This scheme is very common.Cross present method in the event that rhyme second and fourth, first and third line (similar abab).What can be said about the ring?With this rhyme tune are second and third, first and fourth line (like abba).It occurs rarely, such a scheme.In order to determine how to rhyme, you should read the poem and see which lines in tune.You can then make the scheme.It will demonstrate a way of rhyming.Some people want to look at anything, to better understand the subject.

Now that you know what are the rhymes.But that's not all.You also became known ways of rhyming.

doubts away!

For some reason, many people, especially those who are overwhelmed by strong emotions, I want to write poetry?Happiness, joy, love, sadness, melancholy and nostalgia - it all really wants to be reflected on paper, but the rhyme lines can be difficult.However, write a beautiful poem can not only professional.Some do not dare to start believing that they did not come.Stop doubting!After all, poetry - it is divine.Learn to make rhymes.What types of, you know, so you should be easier.Implement a long-standing need in the works.

rules for novice poets

every newcomer should follow some simple-minded prescriptions:

1. Do not load your head with thoughts of endless theories.It will only distract you, especially at first.Do not attempt to use a rare size and rhymes.The most important thing - it's the feelings that are in your heart at that moment, when you are doing.

2. Find a theme for the poem and decide, based on it, with the most important and necessary for you at this moment.Write a short plan.It should adhere strictly to the list drawn up not spray on what is not there.And do not start up in lengthy reflections.Your first creation should be fairly compact.In addition, your poems must have a harmonious rhymes.What are their types, children learn at school, in the classroom literature.

3. Take a notebook and make a few sketches.First out of your pen appears one stanza, and then adds a following you, so that left a quatrain.Then try to make a few more lines, so that they coincide with the meaning of the previous ones.You can write on a laptop or on another device, but you should always carry a small notebook - what if you suddenly something comes to mind.Inspiration can strike you anywhere.In addition, it has the notebook will be very useful for you, because you are a creative person.It does not matter that you are not applying for the laurels of the great poet.The main thing is that you already are subject to rhyme.What are the rules for young poets, you know, and this greatly simplifies your task.You have to discard fears and confident approach to poetry.Of course, your first creation could turn out less than ideal, but it will only mean that you need to develop and write more.Optional to put poetry in public, especially if you are sensitive about criticism.Read their creations to people only when they will become more harmonious and perfect.