Wrecks - how many of them on the bottom of the seas and oceans?

bottom of the seas and oceans has always attracted scientists, historians and just adventurers.Research associated with a greater risk, but not wanting to become less quite understandable reasons.The ocean bottom is not fully understood, it keeps a lot of secrets.Scientists attracted by the possibility of historical research, because the shoreline changed over the millennia.But most attracted wrecks.Marine vessels sunk since the outputs of the first man into the sea, and now, according to estimates of the United Nations, its more than three million.

All attempts to penetrate the secrets of sunken ships are associated with different objectives.Scientists and historians attracted archaeological heritage and investigation of the causes of the disaster because the court drowning for a variety of reasons.Many attempts to find the ships on the sea floor associated with banal search for values ​​to which they were transported.Particularly interested in these seekers times of pirate attacks and a variety of military actions.That's when the sea and the ocean floor got gold, silver, ceramics and other valuables.

attractiveness search

of human nature is such that dreams take a long time.Someone even tried to bring them to life.And many do not want to make, and look for the treasure trove.This could not be reflected in the arts and culture.Wrecks appear in adventure novels and stories, popular science articles and Internet blogs, educational television programs and even games for computers or other digital devices.Especially today people are attracted by the opportunity to feel like a treasure hunter, sitting at home in front of the monitor.The urgency is to look for sunken ships in ArcheAge those who wake qualities such as ambition and determination, after watching movies about the lost treasure of Spanish squadrons.The game offers all possibilities for this.

seabed Caribbean

If we talk about the American coast, the story of sunken ships will start from 1492.It was the first voyage of Columbus, which sank flagship "Santa Maria."The ship has not been found, although the approximate place of the crash is known.A few years later the same explorer lost in the Caribbean are two of his ship.

After the discovery of America, the era of export of gold in the Old World, and wrecks are increasingly began to cover the bottom of okeana.Ispanskie galleons, accompanied by a military escort, were not always able to escape from the pirates or enemy ships in Spain.The main opponents were England, France, Portugal and the Netherlands.The Spaniards did not remain in debt: they tried to sink or capture as many units of the enemy fleet.Many of the treasures of the sunken ships of that era is still not found, and so overgrown with legends that are only heated interest hunters.

Cemetery ships - Baltic Sea

bottom of the Baltic Sea is sometimes called the graveyard of ships - there are many ships sank different era buildings.About twenty of them were able to find common divers - so shallowly buried wrecks.Many of them are well preserved, according to the scientists, because of the low temperature and low salinity water.The oldest wreck was built in the Middle Ages.

was found interest in wrecks resting on the bottom, is so great that of "Marine technologies" started drawing a kind atlas and catalog shipwrecks.These lists were also such types of equipment such as airplanes, helicopters and others. Although the studies are carried out throughout the Baltic Sea, the most attention is paid to the waters that belong to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Project "Secrets of sunken ships»

project was launched in 2002.It is part of other large-scale ideas - "Maritime Heritage of Russia."Executive producer of "Secrets of sunken ships" was Ilya Kochorite and scientific director - Andrew Lukoshkov.The main object of study is the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland, Ladoga, Onega and Lake Chud.

members of the court are of different purpose - that trade and military ships.There is a question about the identification of the found skeletons, their nationality, historical and archaeological value, as well as the verification of the identity of people who found their death in the crash.

expedition organized by the project, have been found such ships as marine armored the Finnish War, landing craft, small armored hunting ships.

sea does not like strangers

course, for research and depth of warfare or intelligence operations were not only used by ships - submarines were built by a variety of assignments.But the seas staunchly guard their secrets, so there are also underwater wrecks.In the period from 1955 to 2014, the year of the eight known submerged nuclear submarines, two of which belonged to Russia.The number of diesel close to a hundred.

most famous wrecks and their secrets

most famous ship (and, perhaps, the greatest) is the "Titanic."Although the official version is to ensure that the ship struck an iceberg and sank, not all believe it.First of all, because there are too many uncertainties remaining after the investigation shipwreck.It played a role of a prediction of the death of the author of the novel "Titan".

If we talk about the biggest sunken treasures, you can call the ship Nuestra Señora de Atocha, sunk in the 17th century.The vessel was carrying the wealth obtained in the New World.At the time of the shipwreck in the holds were tons of emeralds, gold and silver.These treasures were needed to the Spanish monarch, not only to replenish the treasury, but also for his marriage (his fiancee put a condition - to gather the most beautiful treasures that exist in the world).Although the crash was known - the reefs off the coast of Florida, it could only be found in the 20th century.

Wrecks that have not yet been found, serve as a kind of bait, not only for scientists but also for lovers of fast enrichment.Hence, perhaps, the best that the sea keeps its secrets.