Events in History: The Boston Tea Party

The more distant from contemporary historical events, so they are covered with luxuriant romantic flair.In 1917, a relatively small group of sailors in Petrograd propagandized arresting legitimate interim government, and after only a couple of decades of this episode has been made by means of cinema legend of heavy fighting with the cadets and the "death squads" and the wrought-iron gates hung with a talented director massovschikamiit is not clear why the climber on the open sash.Events of the Civil War have romanticized beyond all limits.Our fellow citizens are clear technology manipulation consciousness through art, media and history books, as well as the Americans are?The facts speak for their naivete.For example, the famous "Boston Tea Party" in 1773, most of them considered the beginning of the struggle for independence.

What do we know about the "Boston Tea Party"?

The very name of this event is a person who knows the history of the United States is not very good, the association with a certain meeting of the founding fathers of familiar portraits on the dollar bill sitting at served table with cups in their hands.The fact that the "Boston Tea Party" occurred in the city of Boston, in the territory under the name of Massachusetts, later became a state, and then part of the British colony, it is clear from the title.And tea is this historical fact, too, is relevant.But he did not drink, he drowned.But first things first.

Event name is pronounced ironic character.To understand why it was destroyed by a large number of expensive goods, should be aware of the international situation that precedes it.In what year was the Boston Tea Party took place?As was the case in Britain's overseas possessions?Those who perpetrate outrage and why?

the British Empire and its overseas possessions

In the second half of the XVIII century, almost the entire territory of present-day United States was a colony of Great Britain.Common language, religious practices and dominant ethnic composition of immigrants gave a certain harmony of administrative subordination.The habit of drinking tea, though not being a product of prime necessity, also had a habit of exclusively English.The fact that the fight for independence from the mother country, and no one dreamed.

However, some controversy still were, and they were economic in nature.

economic crisis and methods out of it

Seven Years' War waged by Britain, considerably emptied the royal coffers.To improve things, the Parliament decided to strengthen the tax burden on overseas possessions.It all started eight years before the Boston Tea Party occurred in 1773.Control fiscal revenue has been hampered due to the large geographical distance of the American continent, to overcome the Atlantic while it took about three months.The difficult economic situation was exacerbated by the critical situation, bordering on complete bankruptcy of the main state-owned empire, engaged in foreign trade - "East India Company".To save it from destruction was a matter of national importance, and for this purpose the British government to provide her preferences, mainly related fees and taxes, rather, is to release them.

tea trade in the New World

tea in the British colonies of North America done through various channels - both formal and smuggling.Over the years I have developed a certain market equilibrium in which the consumer can choose between a legal commodity supplier (usually more expensive) and cheap, but those brought in, bypassing customs.As a result, the possible intervention of trade of the East India Company the whole situation changed radically.Local residents did not like it.

From the perspective of the general consumer, nothing terrible has happened.If a resident of Boston has no direct relation to trade in colonial goods, what he, in fact, a difference in a shop to buy tea?But this is only at first glance.Ravaged suppliers, competitors, the East India Company received an unlimited burst mode of trade, and at the same time an opportunity to force all consumers to buy goods at a price which it considers correct.Once it is understood not all, but there was a man who was able to carry out explanatory work among the population.His name was Samuel Adams.

«Sons of Liberty" and their leader

idea of ​​independence of the North American states not yet mastered the minds of the masses, but has wandered in some minds.Proponents of separatism called themselves "Sons of Freedom," they professed radical views on independence.Eventually, they organized the "Boston Tea Party".Year 1773rd became decisive action to date "Sons of Freedom" and their leader, Samuel Adams.Methods of organization uses the most that neither is the revolutionary.During the riots of dissent was obstruction, and their property could easily damage or even destroy it.This concerned housing and shops.

total on the first stage of the East India Company plans to carry out the delivery of three consignments.The first of them arrived at the "Dartmouth" in the November 27 Boston harbor.A little later, here come the two vessel "Beaver" and "Eleanor".

in the holds were 342 large bales (45 tonnes), with a total value of 10 000 pounds.The amount at the time not just awesome, and astronomical.

development of conflict

Promotional efforts of Adams and his "sons" have produced results, there was no one to unload the ships, they were idle in the port, and the teams listened to the cries of protesters gathered in the crowded protests.A week later, the captain of "Dartmouth" Roche proposed a variant, showed him a compromise: the tea is on the ships, and they returned to where arrived in the UK.But there it was.

actions deserve special word of those who were supposed to serve as a bastion of British power.It Hadchinson governor gave the order to block the harbor and prevent out of it, "Dartmouth," "Beaver" and "Eleanor".In the course of further developments to the rebels and moved a significant part of the local police.

How was the "Boston Tea Party»

night December 16th several dozen residents of Boston (the exact amount set as difficult as the number carried the timber with Lenin on the first work day) entered the "Dartmouth," and with his "Eleanor "and" Beaver ".Before the attack for some reason they have painted themselves for the Indians.Why this was done is not known, it is clear, however, that for the Mohawk to impersonate their intent was not, it would not have happened.Perhaps this gave a masquerade character cheerful adventure action adventure.As a result, all brought tea was in Boston Bay.This product was hopelessly corrupt, the East India company suffered huge losses.This was the "Boston Tea Party".

consequences of tea

News then spread slowly.First they reached New York and caused a surge of enthusiasm for all the inhabitants of the British North American colonies.In London, we learned about the incident only after three months."Boston Tea Party" by the British government was characterized as a rebellion that, in general, in line with the truth.The decision followed an early and hard.They were in order to block Boston, to impose an embargo on trade with Massachusetts, remove the local administration and to establish martial law.General Thomas Gage was appointed the new governor.Decisions in general, true, but they proved difficult to implement.

important lesson

By decision of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress began an armed resistance.The slogan "Freedom or Death", uttered by Patrick Henry in Virginia, found an echo in the hearts of Bostonians, and later all those who now consider themselves Americans.Gage did not help even the reinforcements arrived from England, commanded by William Howe.A full-scale war for independence began in the spring of 1775.

Of course, the separation from the metropolis North American colonies did not happen due to drowning in the depths of the sea tea party, even if it is big.But ironically, "Boston Tea Party" occurred only for economic reasons, has demonstrated the inability of the British to keep remote areas, showing the will to independence.