What happens Dining

Dining has a different classification.When describing his use special abbreviations that denote the level of service offered.For example, the most commonly used power options BB, FB, HB, AL, but other.Please be aware that even with the same principles of its organization will be significantly different set of dishes in the three-star and five-star hotel.

So, for example, Dining, deciphering which in Russian means "bed and breakfast» (BB- Bed and Breakfast) is as follows: In addition to accommodation, you breakfast only.If you would like additional meals, this service can be provided for a fee in the hotel's restaurant and other restaurants in the resort.Decoding Dining type CB (continental breakfast), translated into Russian - "continental breakfast", suggests an inexpensive light breakfast, which includes a cup of coffee or tea, buns and jam and butter.Also, probably for breakfast will be served thin slices of cheese or sausage.

If offers Buffet Breakfast, or as we call it, a snack bar, which has another popular name - "buffet" for breakfast you will be offered several types of salads, pastries, egg dishes.A high-standard hotels can be served for breakfast, even hot dishes.The main thing to remember: almost all the resort hotels in the price of accommodation includes breakfast and giving, so you can not give it up.Eating this type often available in sightseeing tours or business trips, sometimes at ski resorts.

There Dining Class HB (Half Board), hereinafter referred to as half-board.This option involves supply dinner and breakfast, but no lunch.In this case the breakfast will be provided in the form of "buffet" and dinner - "buffet" or salad bar, which will include hot dishes for selection from the provided menu.Often the drinks are included in the price, but sometimes they can be charged separately.As feed meal and its selection may vary in hotels in various species.
Yet there full board, designated by the letters FB (respectively - Full Board).Under this option, you will be offered high-grade food in hotels three times a day.Breakfast, as usual, will be supplied in the form of "buffet".A dinner with a lunch can be served as a "buffet", or with a choice of dishes from the menu.Sometimes drinks can enter this value in some cases, fees are charged separately.Most often travelers are choosing half-board, as you can dine and any restaurants, it does not need to be in the middle of the day back to the hotel.

Also, there is the option power as AL (All Inclusive) - «all-inclusive" and still UAL (Ultra All Inclusive) - ultra "all inclusive".In this case, you will be asked nutrition services of cafes and bars, which can provide during the day snacks.Often in the menu it is soft, but sometimes local alcoholic drinks manufacturer.

Of course, there are other types of food in the hotel.But these are the most popular among tourists.