What a place worth visiting, arriving in Moscow?

Moscow - a beautiful city that attracts a huge number of people.There are plenty of interesting places that are worth the attention of tourists.If you're going to go to the Russian capital, first of all, we should think about where you live.Apartments for rent in Moscow, rent a snap.You can find such housing on bulletin boards on the Internet or contact the appropriate agency.In principle, you can settle down and the hotel, although the prices for hotels in Moscow are considered to be excessive.
course, a visit to the capital suggest that you explore the city's main attractions.It is possible that you will take many hours of sightseeing, visiting which will learn many interesting facts about the history of the city.But there is an option that allows you to know the sights of Moscow, on the other hand.You can live in the historic center of the city, and to be surrounded by memorials.Apartments for rent in Moscow can be removed, for example, in the area of ​​Chinatown.
China Town - this is one of the oldest areas of the capital.It is located between the Moscow River, the Kremlin and the Okhotny Ryad.

early as the eleventh century there appeared the first settlements.And after three centuries there has sales and artisan suburbs.By the sixteenth century gave way to the urban population of the boyars and clergy.At the same time, and the name "China Town", derived from the material used in the construction of fortifications - "Whale".
In the sixteenth century the area was beginning to occupy an important place in the life of the city, was built Printing House, and later - the Mint.And at the end of the seventeenth century it was here that opened the Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy - the first higher education institution in the country.
China Town was rebuilt after a fire in 1812, and now it does not look like the building of the seventeenth century.In general in modern China-town life reflected the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.At this time, the area was the business center of Moscow, this is where the largest number of trading companies and banks.In addition, it was the center of trade books are located in the city's largest bookstore and small book shops.
If desired, you can visit the Red Square, interesting museums.In addition, in Moscow, a huge number of churches and monasteries.So you do not have to miss - the day will be bright and saturated.