How to make makeup for green eyes

Eyes is a mirror world of the soul, and it is not surprising that at the first meeting with the person we immediately draw attention to his eyes.And my first impression of the man we make of information that suggest the eye.The look can be cold, repulsive, piercing, or vice versa friendly, sympathetic and friendly.Everything depends on the mood of the location in which there is a person, and even with elaborate makeup on.

no secret that many women, in order to achieve a certain effect, his view of the art of makeup used.Green-eyed beauty has always been known for its mystique and appeal, so that would attract attention, they need only to emphasize its true natural beauty, which they so richly endowed by nature.Owners green eyes should not be forgotten that the increased attention to it does not permit the slightest carelessness when applying makeup.

most important rule that must be taken into account using makeup for green eyes , a taboo on some shades, it is not combined with their emerald glow.A

ll shades of blue and purple colors are completely unacceptable, both in daytime and in the evening make-up green-eyed beauties.Also, you can safely eliminate the silver and pink shade, although under certain circumstances, they are quite appropriate, and may emphasize the noble pale skin.

choosing a shade for daytime makeup, the owner of the green eye can safely experiment with different shades of beige, olive and chocolate-golden color, just perfect will look dark green, copper and metallic colors, printed on beige base.Green-eyed beauty has a unique opportunity to choose the color shades depending on your mood, because makeup for green eyes a wide palette of colors.

Daytime makeup for green eyes involves coating the entire surface of the century, a neutral base, which is then applied and feathered by the shadows.It is advisable to use several shades of one color, smoothly combining a transition from light to dark.Thus, it is possible to achieve the most expressive eyes.When choosing colors it is best to give preference warm tones, it will make the image softer and more seductive.You can highlight the contours of a pencil or eyeliner chocolate brown or gray shades, black color for this purpose should be avoided.

for special occasions and holiday parties needed beautiful makeup for green eyes , which can be created by using darker shades.To create the effect of piercing eyes permissible accurate drawing of the dark shadows on the lower eyelid.The most relevant in this case will be dark green, copper and chocolate hues.Ends gala makeup for green eyes applying mascara with light strokes to paint over each cilium, it will make the look more expressive.

All women want to look perfect, regardless of time of day, and the green-eyed beauty is no exception.In order to create the perfect makeup for green eyes , you must listen to its essence and to create a unique and inimitable way, which will bring a good mood, not only of the green-eyed beauty, but also to all the people around her.