How to learn to draw graffiti on paper?

Modern people are opposed to the inscriptions on the houses and public buildings, not including this element of decoration.But despite this graffiti it refers to one of the most ancient arts, who have mastered humanity.In addition, these labels over time began to include various ways of drawing and styles, becoming an integral part of youth culture.

Graffiti are among the forms of protest of young people, has become one of the manifestations of hip-hop.This has made the art form popular among the fans of this style of music and life.As a result, many young people and teenagers set a goal to learn to paint graffiti.Let's try to join them.

How to learn to draw graffiti paper pencil

1. Look around.Most likely, you found the place on the way to the graffiti.Consider them carefully.Such figures can be divided into two types.The first includes graffiti, causing interest-crafted colors, rich patterns and images that attract attention.The second type is represented by this style inscriptions left by emerging artists.Such graffiti differ clumsy and spoil the appearance of the surfaces.Undoubtedly, the study recommended that only experts drawings which belong to the first type.In addition, high-quality samples of graffiti can be seen on the Internet.

2. Before you learn how to draw graffiti on paper, should prepare the materials needed for this activity.These include: paint, markers, erasers, pencils and crayons, white sheets of A4.

3. Begin the first product of its graffiti-dimensional drawings.Having acquired some experience, you can give them the desired volume.

4. To begin the pencil drawing graffiti with the need to display the letters of the alphabet.One of the main elements of the art are generally short texts.A person does not understand the graffiti, it is often very difficult to see painted letters, because they are hidden behind the bizarre forms.Their traditional style of display is a certain form of the bubble.Symbols in this embodiment appear voluminous.

5. In order to learn all the rules of how to learn to paint graffiti on paper, start with any word.Many artists and newcomers of the direction taken as a basis for its own name, which becomes in the future of their unique signature.Letters recommended to place at a certain distance from each other to have sufficient space for future extensions of each symbol.

6. Using a pencil to draw graffiti, you can experiment with the power of pressing, thereby selecting the thickness of the line.The result is a label with the "depth."

7. delightful effects can be created by applying shading and shadows of a simple pencil.

How to learn to draw graffiti paper style bubble

1. Around painted letters must be applied to the contour by circling it around a pencil without sharp corners.If you wish to change the thickness of the character you want to create another silhouette closer or farther to it (optional).

2. obtain the desired degree of circularity and the desired thickness of the letters, it is necessary to remove all the lines inside with the initial letter using the eraser.

3. drawing done in pencil, marker or paint can be painted any color.If you wish to add additional letters lettering or elements.

Now you know how to learn to paint graffiti on paper, and does not necessarily carry this ability in public places, using spray paint.Do not forget that damage other people's property in this way can result in fines.