Treatment of autumn raspberries is necessary for the good of future crops

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Raspberry is one of the most popular garden plants.Without it, it is difficult to imagine a garden.It is grown in virtually every region where agriculture is little developed.The extraordinary popularity of the berry bushes can be attributed not only to taste its fruits and medicinal properties, and unpretentiousness, combined with abundant yield.Proper handling of raspberry in the autumn, or in any other season, becomes the key to the generous fertility of the second year after planting.But some gardeners complain that the bushes in the garden a lot, but just enough berries for food.This probably means that it is not made all the necessary processing of raspberry in the autumn.It was at this time of year comes the most important moment in the care of plantings, as fruiting is complete and the crop harvested.


Processing autumn raspberries in first place is the pruning.It is necessary to horticultural crops for the next year gave a good harvest.For this purpose all the stems, which are berries, cut off from their very bottom.Removes also weakened, very young shoots.In remontant varieties of raspberries processing after harvest is reduced to a total cut.Thus berry cleared of various pests: midge, spider mites or purple on Friday.Furthermore, in November, with the onset of frost when the flow is stopped nutrients to the roots of a plant before they cut their base to have a more powerful spring shoots, which will be even more crop.If autumn raspberry processing, especially remontant, does not work very thoroughly, in the future, its shrubs become stunted and lose their ability to bear fruit a few times per season.

Pinching and fertilization

In early September, the growth of annual shoots stops and they begin to ripen slowly.To expedite this process, their pinch.Processing raspberry in the autumn - it is also a fertilizer.First you need to dig up the soil between rows, and then make humus.Fertilizers can be alternated from year to year, making alternating organic and mineral.It must be remembered that the root system of this plant is not deep, so you need to carry out in dry weather vlagozaryazhayuschy watering.Otherwise, the berry may be too soon to lose leaves, but it is definitely a negative impact on future crop.

Preparing for winter

Somewhere in the middle of October begins another phase of care for this garden culture.With the first frosts shoots bend down to the ground so that fallen snow covered them completely.Sprigs of neighboring bushes cautiously closer to each other and connect.The distance to the ground should not exceed twenty centimeters.All the leaves that remain on the stalks, it is necessary to remove.Do this carefully enough not to harm the kidneys, growing in the sinuses.If the leaves are not removed, the wet weather they rot, causing the plant to burn.Such treatment of raspberry in the autumn to winter-hardy varieties is not required, simply attach the shoots to a support, not to break under the weight of snow.


No need to remove opavshuyu under bushes foliage since spring it has become humus, and to berry is not frozen, you need to sprinkle sawdust base.