Learn why cracked tomatoes in the greenhouse

Tomatoes - one of the most popular vegetables.Red, juicy fruit is not only decorate any dish, but also contain a lot of nutrients.But sometimes the appearance of the tomatoes that grow in a greenhouse, the port.Why crack tomatoes in the greenhouse?Let's face it.


There are a number of reasons why your favorite vegetables are unsightly.One of them - it is a genetic trait.The fact that almost no cracks appear on the varieties of yellow or thick, such as Our Masha, Moscow Region, Harlequin, Lovely Lady, Diva, Ostrich, Favorit.But the seeds can not 100% protect the skin from the bursting of the fruit.

«Why crack tomatoes in the greenhouse?" - Puzzled gardeners.The reason for this can be a change in soil moisture.If heated dried land abundantly watered, the water quickly "reach" to the fruit, and they will burst.Vegetables can act sudden change of humidity and excessive fertilization.For each year do not ask themselves the question: "Why crack tomatoes in the greenhouse?" - You need to know a few rules for the proper care of the plant.


to the soil does not dry up, it is necessary to use a moisture capacity soil.Earth after watering mulching to provide the desired humidity level (60%).Humidity will be considered normal if the lump of soil, taken at a depth of 10 cm, well-formed and decomposed by light pressure.In hot weather, a greenhouse pritemnyayut by covering the walls with lime milk.

To find out why tomatoes crack when ripe, it is necessary to compare day and night temperatures.When the tomatoes start to blush, temperature differences are significant.At night, the moisture evaporates and accumulates in the fruit.From this they burst.To avoid this, it is necessary to maintain the greenhouse temperature is not lower than 14 degrees and not removed from the bush for more than 3 leaves per week.

Why crack tomatoes in the greenhouse, if the humidity of soil and air, all right?Spoiled appearance may be a consequence of a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer.For the development of the fruits of 20 g of fertilizer is sufficient for 10 liters of water.

Watering tomatoes

main cause of burst fruit is the wrong watering crops.During the growth of plants should be uniform and regular moisturizing.In sunny weather, watering is carried out every 3 days, overcast - in 5 days.But we must look to the water is not poured on the leaves and fruit (watering the roots).

cracking tomatoes in the greenhouse are usually at maturity, when growers start to moisten the soil abundant.So it does not need.Developed root system enough tomatoes 1 watering per week, which is carried out as follows: Pour into the well of water, wait until it is absorbed, pour again.If diurnal temperature differences are small, while watering should be after 17 hours if the night the thermometer rises above 13 degrees, then poured at 11 am.In hot weather, the side wall is opened.

Choice pachyderms varieties, observance of the rules of ordinary care to harvest tomatoes allow no cracks.These fruits will be nice and to eat, and the winter harvest.