We make a herbarium with the child for primary school

training and development of younger schoolboys recommended in a playful way, as a result of such studies is better kid learns.Herbarium primary school gathered together with their parents is one way to explore the environment.Walk with mom and dad in the park, leisure in the fresh air, exciting experience - all this is good for the child.

Preschoolers will be interesting to collect beautiful leaves of the trees, and the children are older, you can offer to find interesting plants, specifying their names.The main assistants are the parents of the child who will not be superfluous to learn about how to make a herbarium to school.The success of this activity, simple at first glance, depends on how well the plants are harvested and dried.

To make a herbarium for the elementary school, you need to arm themselves with a pair of scissors, spatula or trowel, bucket and gloves.Dry windy day - the perfect moment to capture and digging up plants that for proper drying should not be wet.Flowers and petals should be fresh, drying must be done immediately after harvest.

classic way of preparing plants that should be placed in a herbarium for the elementary school, is to use a large number of old newspapers that require frequent replacement, and the press.The alternative - to put a flower or twig in the blotter, which is located between the pages of a thick book, do not make the process less time-consuming, since the page will have to change as they soak with moisture.

plants dry quickly if you put them in a special frame herbarium consisting of wire mesh and wooden base.Twigs and leaves wrapped sheets of newspaper and put in a box, which bind tightly together.

use of iron will accelerate the process of preparing the material for a herbarium.It is important to not dry up the plants, not to make them too fragile.

simplistic, but effective way to prepare the leaves and flowers - the use of PVA glue, which is diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 3.To dip into the solution leaf or twig, stand 10 minutes, then dried in air.Plants dry out while maintaining flexibility.

If the color blanks herbarium does not matter, use a solution of glycerine, for the preparation of which water is added in a ratio of 3: 1.Plants acquire a brown color and a particular strength.

final result will depend on how to make a herbarium.It is more convenient to use ready-made album, and it can be glued together from sheets of drawing paper.Dried plants are glued transparent drop of glue or a thin strip of adhesive tape.Forming a herbarium for the elementary school, guided by only one main rule - keep orderly.Each instance of the sign, using the label.Identify the title, and the family of unfamiliar objects, you can use the encyclopedia.

look interesting compositions and paintings of dried leaves and flowers, which are suitable to create any plot provided by your imagination.This exciting experience will give you and your child a lot of positive emotions.