How is binding reinforcement for the foundation?

Construction of houses has never been particularly cheap pleasure, but in recent years who want to acquire their own home have to save on almost everything.In particular, many of them are interested to binding reinforcement for the foundation was made with his own hands, as the work of experts in this area does not differ democratic prices.

How to connect the valve?

Today use two basic styles: a wire and welding.Each of them has both positive and negative sides.Lay people think that welding - a more reliable and high-quality form of fixing, but in practice it is somewhat wrong.This binding reinforcement for the foundation has a number of negative qualities:

  • If you are using welding, the construction will come more expensive, as will have to use special equipment and the services of professional welders.You should not throw away one side and the fact that the welding machines consume a lot of electricity not cheap.
  • matter how paradoxical it may seem to you, but binding reinforcement for the foundation
    using reliable welding wire.The fact that the sealing seats are characterized by high corrosion and prone to fracture as a result of exposure to mechanical factors.
  • Furthermore, this method unduly stiffens the entire reinforcing the building framework.Simply put, the foundation will not be able to "play" after the soil is displaced, resulting in possible cracks of walls and other dangerous consequences.

Using the wire will get rid of almost all of the above risks.

ready to perform work ...

to mating fittings for strip foundation went "perfectly well", be sure to adhere to the following work plan:

  • should carefully prepare the material.
  • Running slinging.
  • Stapled structural elements are delivered directly to the place of work.
  • check with the frame-up, they are placed in the foundation trench.
  • proceed directly to the knitting.

The first stage involves a thorough visual inspection of the valve.All dirt and rust from the surface must be removed with a wire brush quality.Note that the scheme tying rebar for the foundation is to use only straight reinforcement rods, so before using them rectified.


In this case tying runs in the top, bottom and middle part of the reinforcing frame.Professionals say that it is best to carry out these works in the following order:

  • In his left hand holding the wire, and keep the right tool.
  • Under the fitting itself held wire, crochet knitting device pull the wire loop.
  • Make a knot.
  • Scroll hook three or four times to secure the wire cut free end.

hardest thing happens in the case where the binding reinforcement for the foundation is conducted on a smooth reinforcing bars.In this case, use a special automatic pistol for mating, which is not only speed up the work, but also greatly simplify it.