Consumer rights: the returned goods of varying quality

Many have heard about the law consumer rights.But in reality, few people is, What is it, what reference and that demand.The more so because the sellers themselves are not always in a hurry to respect the rights of the consumer.

Returns marriage

happens that bought the products is with marriage.Unfortunately, it is impossible to insure against: details can be faulty, the goods could be damaged during transport, and the human element has not been canceled.Under the marriage (or lack of quality) means products not complying with the requirements applicable to it.The transfer of such products to consumers is prohibited.Therefore, as guaranteed by the law on the rights of consumers, return detection of marriage is allowed throughout the warranty period of use.Defective products can be:

  • return;
  • repaired by the seller;
  • exchanged for equivalent goods;
  • repaired at their own expense, but the seller to refund the costs of examination and repair;
  • leave yourself, your sales discount for marriage.

In the event that the marriage technically complex means the buyer can deliver products and to regain the money within 15 days from the date of purchase.However, this rule does not apply if the defect relates to the category in permanent or re-appear after the repair if goods are in repair summarized account for more than 30 days or more than 45 consecutive days.It is necessary to take into account the fact that in the case of finding the equipment to repair the warranty is extended to use all of his time.

There are other restrictions on the right of the consumer.Return of goods is possible only in the following cases:

  • if the buyer was not warned in advance about the shortcomings of goods;
  • if the buyer did not violate the rules of operation of products.

Thus, if the buyer under the signature was acquainted with the fact that there is a defect in the product, or if a fault in the production occurred through the fault of the buyer or to regain the money or get a new product to replace it will not.

Consumer Rights: Returns no complaints about the quality

If the exchange of marriage is usually more or less clear, then with the return of good quality products often have problems.Meanwhile, the law established that even if the buyer has paid in the store for a product that has no flaws, but he went on a style, shape, size, configuration or size, then return it to the dealer is given two weeks from the date followingthe date of purchase.

As the law establishes protection of consumer rights, the return of goods without marriage requires compliance with the following conditions:

  • safety presentation, integrity of seals, factory labels, seals;
  • existence of commodity or cash receipt;
  • presence of at least two witnesses (family members - may be), proof of purchase, if the check has not been preserved.

nebrakovannyh There is a list of goods that can not be returned.These include:

  • drugs, preventive and therapeutic tools;
  • attributes of personal hygiene;
  • animals and plants;
  • books;
  • perfumes and cosmetics;
  • sewing, textile and knitwear;
  • household furniture;
  • cars;
  • weapons;
  • complex technical appliances.

How to defend consumer rights

Sellers often do not want to follow the law, sometimes without knowing it, sometimes just re-insuring, and sometimes from harm.In this case, you must act with confidence, showing their legal literacy.In extreme cases, you can threaten to appeal to the Office or Department, whose purpose - the protection of consumer rights.Returns will be morally easier if you take a purchased or printed from the Internet of the Federal Law № 2300-I.As a rule, an unscrupulous dealer succumb to the savvy shopper, without bringing the matter before the scandal.