Noble metals

Precious metals - is primarily a gold, silver and platinum.They are not subject to corrosion and oxidation, and this distinguishes them from other metals.Stocks of small, but their products are truly unique.To discharge and platinum include noble metals such as palladium, ruthenium, iridium, rhodium and osmium.Platinum metal is different thermal resistance, ductility, corrosion resistance, reflectivity and emissivity, and thermal and electrical conductivity and high magnetic characteristics.These unique physical and chemical properties are not only metals themselves, but also their compounds and materials on their basis: alloys, catalysts, powders, coatings, oxide films.They are indispensable in the chemical and petrochemical industry, electronics, electrical, nuclear and missile technology, instrument.These metals provide a guaranteed operational reliability computing and measuring and control devices and instrumentation.

All precious metals have important qualities that are needed for the manufacture of various jewelry.That such properties as softness, ductility, plasticity, the ability of the fusion with other metals.Because of the high cost they were called precious.

most expensive precious metal - gold.This is only one of the metals, which has a bright yellow color in a pure form.If you polish it, the brilliance of his skyrocket.Gold is not subject to air oxidation resistant to moisture.With its tsenneyshemu property - chemical resistance, the gold from the entire group metals recognized as the most noble.The pure gold jewelery is the foundation of precious alloys.

Many prefer white precious metals, mainly jewelery.These are the metal is silver.In addition to the silver ornaments used for the manufacture of cutlery, crockery.Machining silver lends itself easily.This metal has ductility, ductility, malleability.Also, it is characterized by high reflectivity, thermal and electrical conductivity.A significant portion of silver produced is used in electronics, instrumentation, for the minting of coins, covering mirrors in the pictures.In recent years the scope of this metal is constantly expanding.Moisture silver is not very stable.It takes on a darker shade.

also noble metals include platinum and its list - heavy and refractory metals.In nature there is pure platinum.It is presented in the form of a natural alloy with other precious metals such as palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, iridium.Platinum has a higher hardness than gold and silver.Chemical attack it a little exposed.Platinum vysokoprobny alloy is widely used in the manufacture of jewelry.

The structure of the platinum group is palladium.Its chemical properties of platinum below.He has a beautiful, almost white.Palladium is the most lightweight, flexible, and low-melting plastic from the platinum group metals.He can easily reach out and rolled into wire.Palladium does not tarnish and perfectly amenable to polishing.It is contained in the composition of low-grade gold to improve its anti-corrosion properties.

The group metals include platinum and rhodium, which resembles its bluish-white color aluminum.This metal is characterized by a hardness, friability.He is characterized by a high reflectivity.Rhodium is considered chemically stable metal.This metal is resistant to the effects of oxygen, chlorine, sulfur, phosphorus.The chemical and physical properties of the rhodium used to coat articles of gold and silver.

Ruthenium - a refractory metal.Hardness and brittleness it has as well as rhodium.His use of this metal is found in instrumentation, in small quantities available in platinum alloys.

one of the platinum group metal is iridium, which is similar to the response characteristic of ruthenium and rhodium.Of all the metals, it is one of the most stable chemically.It is widely used in the chemical industry.

last representative of the platinum metals - osmium.Machining it is not exposed, insoluble in acids.The osmium alloys introduced to improve their chemical resistance and hardness.