Presenting the story A.Kuprin (summary): "Wonderful Doctor"

¬ęThis story really happened," - says the author of the first lines of the story.Here is his summary."Wonderful Doctor" differs capacious sense and vivid language.Documentary foundation gives special intriguing narrative flavor.The finale opens secret.

Summary story "wonderful doctor".Hungry children

Before showcase the gastronomic abundance stopped two boys and swallowing salivating rises animatedly discussing what he saw.Their cheers rosy view of roast suckling pig with a sprig of greenery in the mouth.The story of "still life" behind the glass the author gives a highly aesthetic and appetizing.Here and "sausage garland", and "pyramid pale golden tangerines."A hungry kids throw at them "love-hungry" eyes.Too contrasting looks ready for the Christmas holidays in Kiev compared with slender figures miserable poor children.

fateful year

Grisha and Volodya went on behalf of the mother with a letter of support.Yes, but the doorman influential destination with abuse drove the little beggar.And they came back to his home - a basement with a "crying from the damp walls."Description family Mertsalova causes acute compassion.It lies in the seven-year old sister, fever, toiling in the cradle next to the cry of a hungry baby.Haggard woman "with a blackened face of sorrow" gives the boy remains of cold soup with nothing to warm up.He is the father of a "swollen" from the cold hands.We learn that in that fateful year, he fell ill with typhus, lost his place manager, who brought a modest income.One after another fell misfortunes began to hurt the children, all the savings are gone, the daughter died, the other is now heavily fell ill.Alms no one filed, and it was no one to ask.Here is a description of misfortunes, their summary.

Wonderful Doctor

Despair covers Mertsalova, he leaves the house, wandering around the city, no matter what no hope.Tired, he sits on a bench in the city park, and feels the urge to commit suicide.At this point, there is a stranger in the alley.He sits down beside him and starts a friendly conversation.When the old man mentions the gifts purchased for the kids know, Mertsalov not stand up and starts screaming hot and angry that his children "die of hunger."The old man listens intently confused story and offers help: it turns out, he - the doctor.Mertsalov lead him to her.The doctor examines the sick girl, writes a prescription, gives the money to buy firewood, medicines and food.The same evening Mertsalov on the label on the medicine bottle to find out the name of his benefactor - a professor Pirogov, a prominent Russian physician.Since then though "angel descended" on the family and its business went up the hill.So says Kuprin.Dr. Wonderful (summary summarize this conclusion by the end) acted very humanely, and it changed not only the facts, but also the world of heroes of the story.The boys grew up, one of them took a major post in the bank and has always been particularly sensitive to the needs of poor people.