How is a delicious potato up his sleeve?

today made a surprisingly useful and low-fat dish called "potato up his sleeve."For baking required vegetables and spices.If you wish to, you can add lean meats or poultry, mushrooms and herbs.This is especially significant for those people who adhere to a correct and balanced diet.

Sleeve for baking - a special package that placed products and stew in the oven in its own juice without oil.As such, in the dish retains all the nutrients, contains few calories.Besides, it is different richness and great flavor.

low-calorie potato in the sleeve

recipe includes the following suite of products: fresh potatoes (five pieces), carrots, onions, cilantro, tomato paste (30-50 g), salt and black pepper.

begin the process: to start to clear and we shall cut the potatoes into thin circles.Diced - onions and carrots into small pieces or slices (matter of taste).Rubbing is not recommended, since putting it completely seethe and turn to mush.Vegetables are mixed together, seasoned with spices and chopped herbs.

Then add the tomato paste and a little vegetable oil (optional).Instead, put some paste peeled tomatoes.Now all the products are immersed in a package (sold in stores), to establish, as shown in the instructions, do small punctures on top and place in the oven for an hour (200 ° C).

get and served with greens and vegetable salad.Excellent taste will delight you with a potato in the sleeve.For baking, as you see, does not require special tools and overseas dishes.

potatoes with chicken in a sleeve

composition :

  • chicken (kilograms);
  • kilogram of potatoes;
  • half a lemon;
  • fresh tomato;
  • parsley;
  • onions;
  • a glass of water, pepper and salt.

Thin sliced ​​meat into cubes, season with salt and pepper them.Potatoes and tomatoes cut into rings.Onions and Lemon - half rings.Take the sleeve and fold it layers of products in the following order: poultry, potatoes, tomatoes, lemon and onion.Rounding out the beauty of chopped parsley.

Pour the water, a little salt and immerse bag for an hour in the preheated oven.Very satisfying, juicy and low-fat potato turns up his sleeve.For baking (if you're not on a diet) can use sour cream or cream - the result will exceed all expectations.This dish is not ashamed to apply for a festive table.

Fish and potatoes in the sleeve

for baking need: a kilogram of potatoes, fresh mackerel with two heads, onions (head), lemon, mayonnaise, spices (salt, pepper).

Rinse the fish and put it on a cloth to dry, and at the time loans to other products.We will cut the potatoes into slices, mix with mayonnaise and spices.Lemon - into slices.Rings can cut onions.

return to the mackerel.Make cuts on the carcass and a knife in them We thrust ½ of the onion with lemon, the other half zafarshiruem in the belly.We shift the fish in the package, put on the edges of the potatoes - leave in the oven for 40 minutes.Approximately 5 minutes before the end of the cooking process to break the bag and leave for a few minutes, that there was a beautiful golden crust.

Before serving sprinkle with cilantro.This is how to cook the potatoes in the sleeve without any extra effort.Try it - you will not be disappointed!