How to use the tool "Tonsilgon®" for children: parents reviews

Young children are very susceptible to various colds and SARS.It is well known to all parents.Pills and injections, of course, effective.But I want to have at hand a good reliable tool, which will be only the components of natural origin!Many of them can be found in pharmacies.They are prepared, as a rule, alcohols using herbs inflammatory and immunostimulating action.One such product - phytopreparation "Tonsilgon®."For children (parents of the reviews it is confirmed) it is a very effective treatment for diseases of the throat.Consider that part of it, and find out whether you can trust this product a child's health.

composition of the product

As mentioned above, the basis of this tool - medicinal plants such as:

  • Marshmallow root .It contains a huge amount of mucous substances, enveloping a sore throat.It relieves acute pain.
  • Chamomile flowers .Have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • herb horsetail .It relieves inflammation of the mucous membranes in the throat.
  • Leaves walnut .Has antimicrobial and wound-healing effect.
  • Grass yarrow .It contains many essential oils and flavonoids.Reduces inflammation in the throat.
  • Oak bark .It contains tannins, which have anti-inflammatory effects.It reduces swelling of the throat.
  • Grass dandelion .Used in the treatment of many diseases, including angina.

With the use of alcohol (ethanol) produced the drug "Tonsilgon®."For children (ratings parents confirm it) is not a contraindication.But herbs are present here, can cause a child's allergies.Therefore, to use the non-prescription is not recommended.

How to receive?

the treatment of inflammatory diseases very well to the drug "Tonsilgon®" children.Reviews of consumers say that it is especially productive in cases that require long-term therapy.Prescribe it, even infants.Driving his next reception:

  • grudnichki - 5 drops 4-5 (maximum) times a day;
  • preschool children - 10 drops of the same amount of time;
  • school-age children - 15 drops of the same;
  • adults - 25 drops similarly.

After the disappearance of the main symptoms of the multiplicity of methods should be reduced to 3 times a day in all cases.

How effective is the use of homeopathic remedy "Tonsilgon®" for children: parents

reviews Many mothers have tested this medication and were satisfied with the result of his actions.This is evident from their comments.They write that the drug could cure with the help of such diseases of the throat of the child, who did not respond to traditional media.Of course, as they say, it did not happen immediately, but after a few weeks.Typically, pediatricians advised to take the drug for a month.Another important advantage phytoremedy "Tonsilgon® H" - the price.It is about 200 rubles.This is lower than the cost of many drugs of similar action.The only thing that upset parents - is the risk of a child's allergies.It is caused by the presence in the herbal medicine.

We figured out how justified for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the throat, the use of the homeopathic preparation "Tonsilgon®" for children.Reviews parents about it very positive.So this means you can trust.