Mental Development

Beware the danger already absorbs us.

Recall that all the phenomena of the visible world are only the result of exposure to the substance of the invisible world.The development of all terrestrial beings takes place through the astral streams, which is very similar to the activity of nerve flow and speed of development depends on the number of threads involved in it.Therefore, all beings are always under the influence of special forces, which we call the just nature and destiny.These forces act on the body by radiation astral light, which is a means of creating the world.Each body becomes an individual, as part of the light corresponding to an individual who, settling in the nerve centers, it is the astral body of the organism and develops its material form.The quality of the astral light depends on many factors, and among other things, depends on the position that takes the Earth in space at the time of development of the astral light, and from his handling of the astral body.Since the physical body is a visible reflection of the astral body, studying its shape, we can determine its quality and, accordingly judged under the influence of a planet it was made out.

Indeed, people in its design is a little universe, as we see in it the three kingdoms of nature and the divine spark.Therefore, the will can direct the organism to work on the astral body, and through him - and the astral light and the forces of nature.

If a person can not lead by itself, infuriates, worried because of any trifle, swift, completely subordinated to nature and is a slave to his body, unable to master his body, it is clear that the more he can not lead others.We have seen that all the planets, and in particular Proserpine will be for 50 years to expose the reformation of the spiritual world of people with weak will and unstable character.But the nature of the Earth, in turn, looking for ways to strengthen and will, and consciousness, and humanity is opened and used as a means of protection.Let us remember some of them and will be used in the name of our healthy mind.

1. For the mental development need to follow some rules:

and / meals should be more "yang" - eggs, cheese, dairy products, fruit, sugar.

b / coffee you can drink in a day once.

in / drink is basically just water or wine diluted with water, g / breathe slowly, pausing.

d / Time for mental activity set from 7 to 11 am and from 5 to 7 pm.

2. Eat as little as possible soli.2.

3. lentils used only in the event that I enjoy very

4. sour apple negative effect on the nervous system.

5. Kinjo can cause forgetfulness.

6. Cauliflower extinguishes the lights of the brain.

7. cucumber juice should be consumed 100 grams per day.

8. Beet juice bury in the nose, it will facilitate the work of the brain, cleanse and eliminate the tinnitus.

9. If you bury your nose in the juice of onion, it will also facilitate the work of the brain and stop tinnitus.

10. To the extent possible it is necessary to use a lot of the young unfermented wine / Machar / and wild pomegranate, chicken, old oil, milk, melted butter, apricot juice, beef or lamb brains, stewed in melted butter.All this contributes to the brain, strengthens the body and protects from abnormalities.

11. The brain of people with a cold kind (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, SkorpionKozerog, Pisces) strengthens very well cloves, it is recommended to drink tea with cloves and cinnamon.

12. It is necessary often to smell fragrant apples, eating them is not necessarily the scent enhances brain function.

13. On the evening of barley pour boiling water, cover and leave until the morning, wash your hair strained infusion, help with memory problems.

14. Cabbage juice instilled into the nose - to cleanse the brain of mucus.

15. burying his nose in 3 drops of juice of sweet clover drug before bedtime can promote izpecheniyu from punatizma and delirium.

16. For the prevention and treatment of vasoconstriction and cerebral sclerosis and for clarity of thought chew 3 g walnut root - once a day for 5 days.

17. With nervous excitement to people with a cold kind often have to eat a bunch of garlic and onions shallots.

18. to minimize the use of basil.

19. Every day before going to bed to do an enema and drink natural juice 3 times a day for '60 bad move to vegetarian food.

20. A mixture of fresh plant juices should be consumed at least half a liter per day in the following proportions:

and / Carrot juice: juice spinach - ZOOg: 200g

b / Carrot juice: beet juice: the juice of cucumber - ZOOg: 100g100g

in / Carrot juice: celery juice - ZOOg: 200g

g / Carrot juice: celery juice: parsley juice - 270g: 150g: 80g

d / Carrot juice: parsley juice - ZbOg: 120g

21.The best means of contributing to the development of the brain and the sustainability of the nervous system are:

and / kindness,

b / honesty,

in / sensitivity,

g / sense of humor,

d / honesty,

e /high professional skills,

w / improving breathing.

as nerve and brain events can have widespread, it would be very nice if the above-mentioned funds will be used regardless of whether you manifest early signs of disease or not, to ensure a reliable future.