Soul Food

We live in a time when stocks of knowledge accumulated over centuries, can help solve the mystery of mysteries, and this work will make the new generation that was born already crowded information, placed in the chaos of terrestrial boundaries of knowledge.

new generation is necessary to explore and delve not only in one specific area of ​​expertise, but also in all the other skills that are in contact with the chosen field.Man any image the inner desire to want to know the truth about life, to get acquainted with the true "reality."Life goes on, people, albeit with difficulty, but gradually begin to understand the "reality."But in order to fully, they must go through a long and difficult road, and, most importantly, must be willing to understand.For mastering any complex concepts to start with a simple understanding.

For example, we know that the letters in a person's name can be replaced by numbers, calculate and find out not only the character of the person, but also to find out how people will live under the influence of the resulting number.

However, if this name change at least one letter, and change a person's character and scope of its activities.But many people do not know this, is subjected to a change in the person's name, thereby affecting its fate.If even one letter can affect a person's lifetime, and his every move has its cause and effect, therefore, it must be constantly attentive to all their steps.A man should always be much closer in relation to major events, especially if he knows that indifference extinguishes fires of the body.

Exposure to the outside world, human relationships, personal issues and challenges awaken in man all sorts of feelings.One gives a person a feeling of satisfaction, others cause him trouble, but his spiritual life is not limited, they are joined by two other forces: the imagination and will.Man the power of imagination and creates images.ideas and willpower, he can influence the outside world, to suppress it, to change its program and activities.

feelings arising from exposure to the outside world, as well as energy derived from space is a program for the human soul, information and food.

More than anything spiritual world or causing excitement, positive or negative feelings the music, colorful images of nature, the various manifestations of the elements, the plant and animal worlds - its variety and beauty.Winds affect a man's world good poetry and other works, have literary value.All that gives the soul peace and quiet I nourishes the soul, and that brings the soul of sadness or disgust I, all it corrupts the soul, creates a spiritual hunger.When the soul is sad, the best medicine is crying, after which the soul becomes easier, she is released from the negative charges, they are eliminated from the body with tears.

other internal forces of the soul are the imagination and the will, they feed on space "John" and "yang" forces, the lack of which can be replenished through supply, as already mentioned.Imagination feeds being feminine forces of "yin" and the will - being masculine forces "yang".Since man his will and imagination can affect the outside world, it is precisely these forces he left his mark in many phenomena of the external world, it manifests its effects, which is opposed to nature, which he has the opportunity to create their own spiritual world and make more-spiritualized his bodily existence.

Influenced by diverse and disparate experiences man lost deviates from their programs, goals, even from its natural direction.At this time, people were forced to begin to think seriously, to analyze, to know to find out the impressions received and acquire knowledge not only about the outside world, but also about their own inner world.The man is well aware that, thanks to the acquired knowledge, he may decide not only their own problems, but also can apply this knowledge everywhere.It turns out that, thanks to the exchange of spiritual man makes subservient to nature, and nature itself makes subservient to human thinking.The human body belongs to nature, it is obvious, however, because of thinking, which is a function of the soul, man becomes a creature of a higher order, and only temporarily subject to the natural laws of the material world.
We already know that our soul receives from the cosmos that kind of energy, which brings with it not only the power, love, wisdom, and information on specific program corresponding to our program.These types of energy are different forms of manifestation of the elements.Fire exists everywhere, he is endowed with the most essential characteristics, it is more likely is the bearer of life, but it is also the most unnoticed and unappreciated.All sorts of miracles performed through the psychological energy is a function of its lights in all its forms - from very coarse to very fine.

Starting with the simplest light of education which is accessible to the naked eye, to the complex fires of the heart - all draws us to the world of fire.The lights are endowed feature drag up and can not refuse such a movement or change direction.
reason is that they all belong to the element of fire.The most delicate of these is the idea of ​​fire, which can go into the distance and the most complex program, and people caught only one, the most flagrant manifestation of the fire, which is the electricity and use it.The activity of electricity we are familiar with, the use of its use in many industries, and this is just one manifestation of the lowest power lights.It should be a lot of imagination to imagine what wonders can more subtle manifestations of lights.

They can implement any program, but it must be balanced in nature, cosmic consciousness and an open heart to stand in front of these lights.Do not forget also about the scorching heat.It can ignite at any center of the human body, but the main danger is the environment of the heart, solar plexus and throat.Anyone who has ever felt the force of the inner fires, he understands what the inflammation center.He knows what causes painful suffering torn flames.

thus creating a fire can become a destructive fire.Remember that only the spiritual knowledge and psychological energy can burn unsuitable features, they burned kindness, friendliness, a daily smile.
psychological energy - it is the same fiery energy, which we call just lights.The study marks the lights will show the difference in the types of people departing from the essential aspirations and deliberate steps.

man his fiery aspirations, which have an echo in all areas of the body, can move the world.Aspirations of the soul can cause a person to do the impossible, unimaginable things, so you need to watch out for them;In addition, it is necessary to get acquainted, to get closer to the lights in order to properly use the useful lights.

If you'll be more likely to follow the events taking place in the depths of your soul, to compare its peaceful days with the days of her raging anger and will not be indifferent to them, and seriously analyze them, then you notice that your soul is subject to change in accordance with your, attitude
to the truth.

The problem is that the relationship with the cosmos globe performed by white light, which is the divine light;it contains the power of three colors: light blue (blue), which is divine wisdom, red, which is the divine power and yellow, which is the divine love.The emissions of these colors and high speed revolutions occur all the other different colors, which themselves may give new shades of animals, planets and all urgent problems.

We know that any game of color creates a certain mood, but the reason is not the color itself, and that sig№ that creates the color quality.

Blue and its many shades is the wisdom and information on the diversity of knowledge.

Newton found that dark blue represents the knowledge related to the material world, and light blue is closer to the world of spirit and soul.
Yellow with its various shades contains endless information on programs related to love and marriage.Red - a force with its many manifestations, programs, a wealth of information.

We thought long and suffering, assuming that we have closed the road to the light and truth, but do not even try to find them.At the same time our spirit tells us that nothing is forbidden, our secret inner voice whispers to us that relates to life.Around our heads there is a halo of light that shows the availability of our spirit with its radiation.Every thought can lighten or darken, or the aura, depending on whether the thought of evil or good, true or wrong, beautiful or ugly.The man himself comes over clothing, jewelry, and a halo of his spirit.

becoming a connoisseur, you can understand your positive or negative attitude towards people and things.Man wearing colorful clothes eternal spirit and your thoughts decorate it.

If you are in any story, legend or fairy tale will meet the phrase "jewel", know that it is a world of the spirit;There is nothing more expensive than this.Getting to know him will tell you that everything has to be very simple and contain the joy and the gift, as well as the gift to create human beings given to women.A woman should be able to spread joy around them, inspiring person in his creative world, and be satisfied with the fact that it can carry out its program.Woman creates harmony between people and things, which leads to improvement and education.