White and black envy.

Envy - a man is a vice, in which virtually no one ever recognized.People can boast of gluttony, sensuality, his laziness or pride, but not envy.It is no wonder, because the person who feels anger at the people who are good, or enjoys the suffering neighbors, is unlikely to arouse someone sympathy.
In Soviet times, all were equal, and even if someone has and is "more equal than others", never did not show off their wealth.What can be said about our times.On television and in the press and then find money in other people's wallets, whether purse deputy, actress or model is not important.Amounts are shocking, and it is here that starts the mechanism of jealousy, the question arises: "Why are all one and the other nothing?".Envy arises from a keen sense of injustice.
Envy both men and women.If you wake up the jealousy of the opposite sex, thus envious person of your gender.Women are jealous of the beauty of the other ladies, men wealth of strong half of humanity, and together they are jealous of luck, talent, knowledge and skills, and the luxury of youth.But no one ever no one recognized this envy.

What is envy?How to learn to recognize it?Ikak learn not to be jealous?Try to understand these are not easy questions.

Envy white.How to get rid of envy white?
Envy "kindness", at first glance the feeling is close to the delight and perhaps even the engine of progress: I want the same thing, then sure I will achieve.
In fact, based on the comparison always envy - and others I can not be said about the rapture.You can admire the art, the masters of painting, but we will never compare myself with them.Comparing yourself with anyone in this case - it is not good.By the way I would like to quote Mandelstam: "Do not compare: living is incomparable."If you think someone better than yourself, then you will get worse as a result - a sense of inferiority, anger and resentment.
Envy is distinguished by its specificity from simple desires.If you just want a house by the sea - this desire.And if a house has to be exactly the same as a neighbor of the site, it is likely - you are jealous neighbor.
How to get rid of envy white?If
clearly feel the presence in your life white envy, should immediately begin to act exactly in the direction where your opponent has succeeded.If you are jealous girlfriend showy appearance, to get rid of feelings of envy will march into fat beauty, exercise or a new diet.You may not become as beautiful as it is, but once again underlines its advantages, find a highlight in their appearance, hence, improve their self-esteem.A feeling of envy for her friend slowly pass.

Envy black.How to get rid of envy black?
As though it was strange, but the sharpest jealousy arises far the most successful people are not Bill Gates or Julia Roberts, and besides, whose situation is not only a much better property.If a person about your level of skills and knowledge offered high-paying jobs, then the question arises: "Why not me?".And then, as they say - carried away.Perhaps you say, "Better luck next time?".Perhaps razobidites fate.And, perhaps, you do everything possible to ensure that this work did not get it.In the latter two cases clearly seen black envy.The worst thing that could turn into a black envy - is gloating.People with low self-esteem tend to feel this feeling: "I am not a loser!".Schadenfreude - is if I may say so - the top level of envy.
How to get rid of envy black?
If suddenly flooded by feelings of envy, to call common sense is useless.In such a moment to get rid of feelings of loneliness will envy.It is necessary to briefly alone with yourself in a quiet, secluded place where you can calm down and relax.It should present something really nice that happens in your life, focus on the thought, pleasant to hold in your head long before he realized that in life there were many wonderful moments.