Who is this poet - author of the song "Let There Always Be Sunshine"?

Every child and adult knows a song about his mother, the sun and what wonderful feelings it evokes.So much joy, warmth and kindness in her.Do you know who is the author?No?Let's find out whose song brings us and our children the joy and positive.

Who wrote our song?

These wonderful words of the song, sung by adults and children who belong to a unique person.His name is Leo Oshanin.It was he, the poet - the author of the song "Let it be the sun!".He - the writer of the Soviet era, who for his services and works awarded the Stalin Prize, that the Soviet Union was a very high reward.Let's get acquainted with him.

Short biography of Leo Oshanina

Lev Ivanovich was born in 1912, his mother taught children music school, and his father worked in the court.At first the family lived in the Ryazan region, but soon they moved to Moscow.Already in the 8th grade this man worked in a factory, but also have time to devote time to the literary circle "Zakayev."It was there that he wrote his first book called "floors."She told me about his school years and experiences.

Over time, began to be published in "Komsomolskaya Pravda".At 19 Oshanin enters the Gorky Literary Institute.However, this step can not be regarded as the beginning of his professional career, because to find a job, which would have appreciated his talent, he could not.Meeting with Boris Pasternak led him to the Union of Writers.After that, he joined the army, where he read poems soldiers, raising their friendly and team spirit.At this time, much I appreciated his song "In the fight for their country," which was written in 1939.

Throughout his life, he wrote works of various genres, from children to love poetry and serious war poems.How, for example, "Sunshine."

this talented poet died in 1996 and was buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky.

Creativity Oshanina

As already mentioned, the poet, the author of the song "Let there always be sunshine!" He wrote on very different topics.He is known as a songwriter, because a lot of his poems set to music.That there is a war song "Roads ..." or children - about the strange girl in the yard.However, Leo wrote Oshanin also works that related to history.This, for example, his poem about Alexander the Great, is unusually subtlety and called exact historical facts.

His work is very multifaceted, but we are more interested in how to create a song, which we are talking.

good song

This song has a large history.it was performed Ostrovsky in 1962, in the famous show "Good morning!".The wide audience came when she sang Tamara Miansarova at the festival, which was held in Helsinki.

surprising that the poet, the author of the song "Let it be the sun!", Wrote the words to her when he saw a poster artist Charuhina the same name.And that, in turn, created a poster once heard a key stanza song from a little boy to whom the pope explained what the word "always".So, metaphorically we can say that verse, "Let there always be sunshine!" The author - the boy.

Song, apparently, has come a long way to go before it began to know and sing.From this it becomes even more interesting, good and better.A poet, author of the song "Let there always be sunshine!" From this seems to us even more talented.

Why should I sing?

Indeed, why children should sing this song good?Probably because it develops a sense of beauty, it teaches to appreciate what you have right now.It would seem that the word children, naive, but they carry a huge philosophical meaning.Text "May there always be sunshine!" Can be found in children's books and songbooks.Or ask your parents.Sing and rejoice in life!