Who is chock give it and to whom insulting nickname?

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Once one family of intellectuals came to visit the other, equally well-read and well-educated.During the gatherings, as usual, began to talk on current issues, in particular the illegal migrants in the German manner calling them migrant workers.But calls them not only so, but also the more familiar Russian word.In the midst of the dispute owner's daughter, a little girl suddenly said that he knew who the chock.It turns out to be her own mother."But I'm daughter, then she - chock!" - With childlike she explained.

problem of xenophobia, racism and nationalism is not unique to Russia.Very funny show their attitude to the "Muscovites", for instance, Ukrainian nationalists.They angrily denounced their fundamentals Russian "party members" that are, say, suffer intolerance to all non-Russians, as if to show it to all the Ukrainians do not, then something is changing dramatically.The essence of nationalism is precisely the assertion that radical, or title, the population has some kind of special rights.

Hachi, lumps, apricots, chump - as soon not call representatives of Asian and Caucasian peoples!Blacks, by the way, for some reason, do not tease.Draw a certain way swarthy cheeky slacker, all questions with a focus replied: "So what!" To be fair, what is the view of visitors southerners has some merit, and there was it was not in Russia today, and formed several decades.

In the Soviet army called upon the representatives of all nationalities vast country.Some of them have learned who is chock only after beginning to understand a little bit in Russian, that is not right.A typical example: the sergeant asked the soldiers one by one, who they are.All smartly replied: "Defender of Motherland!", And only ordinary Kerimov said that he "yuzbek."Then colleagues are invited Karimov to explain who he is.And then several times.After some suggestions on the account in a very accessible form Karimov happily tells the commander that he - chock!

In general, under this definition in our country can fall within any representative of Asian or Caucasian republic, poor knowledge of Russian, and not received (not their fault!) Normal education.It is insulting nickname all too often goes to people in good faith to workers at low wages in jobs for which do not want to take the happy owners of the passports with the registration in Russian cities.

Migrant children go to school with the other kids, who, adopting the habits of some lumpen nizkokulturnyh senior colleagues quickly learn who the chock.

Another issue is that immigrants become very much, and migration legislation is imperfect.This is a problem faced by European countries and, in due time opened the border for citizens of African and Asian countries in the hope that they will eventually be the Germans, the Italians or the French.Immigrants do not want to assimilate, on the contrary, they often try to create around himself a familiar environment.There are problems and conflicts, is always accompanied by cultural differences.

sometimes occur and collisions, both in Russia and in other countries, and suffer from them are not always the ones who behave, to put it mildly, incorrect.It was hard workers defenseless easiest way to explain who the chock, dealing simultaneously punches, kicks, and various hard objects.But the bandits, did violate the law, armed and united, so it is difficult to talk and unsafe.

Unfortunately, in spite of the traditionally internationalist upbringing, some of our fellow citizens, annoying bad pronunciation and numerous visitors, express their emotions indignant question: "What to do with chocks?", Finding him in Sharikov's a simple answer.Clearly, all to drive, and close the border!And that is an understatement, it is possible and otherwise radically.Just do not get.Migrant workers in Russia yet needs.And to live in our country is still predominantly indigenous people, you just need to have more children.And educate them true citizens.