Moral values ​​- is the foundation of human

Under moral values ​​involve all people especially dear and necessary for life.In fact, moral values ​​- it looks, feelings, interests, ideas, thoughts and phenomena.Each person forms his own personal value system.That is, each of us builds up so-called "pyramid of values", which fully reflects the inner world of the individual.

Are there any eternal values?

Throughout the long history of mankind, there were many different ideals.Many of them have not lost its relevance even after many thousands of years and have survived.Always live biblical moral standards such as "Thou shalt not kill," "Thou shalt not steal," "do not be envious," "Do not lie."People in all ages strongly condemn the meanness, anger, betrayal, slander.For most people, the moral values ​​- honesty, courage, humility, gentleness and self-control.

very important moral ideal remains the humanness and humanism.This naturally does not mean that all people need to conclude arms.The humane treatment of man is achieved only through resp

ect for the norms and principles of morality.This means that you need to be tolerant of other people to forgive their shortcomings, to be compassionate, sometimes even sacrificing their own interests.

If you say, "Describe the moral values," you probably also remember about patriotism, diligence, responsibility and fairness.All these standards play an important role in human life.Each of us is mixed, both good and bad qualities, but the most valuable moral characteristics can create a generalized image of the ideal moral personality.

Moral values: examples

Despite the fact that morally perfect person does not exist, the image of a morally perfect man - an example to follow.Such an implementation is reflected in many religious and artistic images.Suffice it to recall Jesus Christ, Don Quixote, Prince Myshkin, Ilya Muromets.

Besides moral image of the ideal man, there are characteristics of impeccable moral society.Such a society has been described in philosophical and literary utopias (T. Campanella "Sun City", T. Moore "The book about the island of Utopia" and other works).

Moral values ​​- are certain principles that a person can not violate under any circumstances.Generalizing this concept, we can say that the moral ideal - it is good that the person wants to themselves and others.Good and evil are the main criteria in the definition of moral values.It should also be noted that the moral principles of all people are similar enough and inculcated since birth (gradually).But in any case, a knowledge of what is "good" and "evil" is not enough.

As a rule, even the fallen person always trying to justify his actions.For example, consider this: a thief knows that stealing - it's evil, but at the same time he does not want others to be considered poor.In order not to be considered a villain, he begins to talk about the fact that all his thefts were for the benefit of society, as he stole from a man who at one time also has acquired property by illegal means.Although in terms of morality, he still made a bad deed.

The conclusion is as follows: moral values ​​- this is just what is expressed not in words but in deeds.We all know that stealing is bad, but some of us are ready to move beyond morals.It is therefore important not only to build a system of moral values, but also to prove their moral convictions good deeds.