How to smoke a cigar, not to get into an awkward position

Smoking is harmful, it now knows everything.State of the world one by one to take legislative measures, affect the lives of the followers of nicotine addiction.However, despite all the Draconian measures, smokers continue to indulge in his favorite pastime, which should be noted in fairness, in our time is not the most terrible vice.

Some try to find a way out of cigarettes with lower nicotine content, while others are switching to alternative products.Sometimes, not knowing how to smoke a cigar, buy it, and then comes in a heavy cough.

In Soviet times, almost every tobacconist offers exotic background on "Capital" and "Belomor" product.Wooden boxes, beautifully pasted imitation of foreign banknotes with colorful lids and the inscription "Monte Cristo" and "Havana", comprising a cylindrical dark coffee products, familiar to our fellow citizens for the films of life abroad.

capitalists and gangsters, puffing on these "attributes of the sweet life", cynically talked about the omnipotence of the dollar, traded in drugs and weapons, firing pistols and doing other chores unenviable.Value pleasure to join the "world of profit and cash payment", which was brought to us from the Liberty Island - Cuba, a lot - 80 cents, and some varieties and more appreciation.Buy this rare luxury: first, expensive;Second, too hard;and thirdly, the Soviet people did not know how to smoke a cigar.And it is a science!It is necessary to choose carefully cut, check the degree of humidity and uniformly ignite.

So, the most important mistake that buying overseas tobacco delicacy, is that many of us smoke a cigar in mouthfuls.We can not do: they are really too strong and irritating to the respiratory tract.Smoke from overseas elite smokes gaining in your mouth, hold it for five seconds and release.Pleasure is not the stupefying brain nicotine, and enjoying the scent of smoldering tobacco leaves, tightly twisted and dried according to the rules of the old art.Especially exquisite bouquet becomes combined with good spirits - brandy, rum, whiskey and several liqueurs.

second reason for the low popularity in our country tobacco Cuban, Dominican and other masters is that the process requires a certain enjoyment of time spent.This cigarette or a cigarette can not let his mouth, driving or doing some homework.People who know how to smoke a cigar, never combine this activity with any other, except for a pleasant conversation or listening to good music.

ritual begins with unpacking or removing from the humidor (this is a wooden box with a tightly fitting lid) and going-over of this little masterpiece.The surface of the product should be smooth, velvety and pleasant color, coffee (sometimes green - depending on the variety).

Having admired, you can begin to prepare for puffing his cigar.The tipping of the expensive varieties have a hemispherical end.In order to form an opening for smoke, you need to organize it.Do not imitate the cowboy westerns, famously bite somewhere to spit the tip of a noble product, it must be carefully cut with a knife, if there is no special scissors, tweezers or gilotinki.If you are embarrassed to ask a consultant to the tobacco shop on how to smoke a cigar (many hesitate to look ignorant, but nothing wrong with the absence of such skills is not), it will be enough to remember that the hole must have a diameter of about half a centimeter or slightly more.

now present Cuban cigars do not get it, and those that are sold, as a rule, twisted machine and the most prepared, sometimes even already equipped with not just holes, but small plastic mouthpieces (especially small ones, called "Panatela").They are usually made in Germany, USA, or Indonesia, and their composition may include flavoring agents.They are not as strong and adapted to the tastes of the mass market.Their use does not require special skills.

in an awkward situation could get a person who is invited to welcome the rich and does not want to admit he did not know how to smoke a cigar.The best way - to refuse such sophisticated and expensive food, citing the preference for familiar brands of cigarettes or even the lack of this habit.Especially that smoking is really very bad ...