As young families having children in the current circumstances

At all times children are born constantly, and without attention to the issue of parents.This simply was not necessary.But something clearly changed in today's state of affairs.What was the reason that the question of how to give birth to children, already sounds painful for our society, and even hopeless?I will not touch on the problem of environmental, health and financial opportunities.They, of course, important, but do not have the critical.Otherwise, there were no large families in the neighborhood, where the well-being hard to even talk.I believe that the root cause must be sought not here.

From my own experience I would say that most of the causes of our failures, misfortunes and even disease is in ourselves, and it is in our mind, the psyche and in our thoughts.It makes no sense avidly reread all articles on pregnancy, wistfully watched the moms with strollers, and even more suffer from the traditional and even unimaginable methods of conception.I can not guarantee that it will be one hundred percent success, but will be examined first in themselves and then most of the factors will disappear by themselves.Do not allow strangers things influence your life.That's the secret of families with many children, they never wondered about how to give birth to children.

In most cases, medicine is powerless to establish a cause of infertility.Most likely, the first and main problem here - it's a constant fear and hesitation, the child's future fertility in general.Analyze!In 15 years, early pregnancy scare you, and you were afraid.At the Institute, you were afraid that the grandchildren will act against parents who do not help, and you do not walk up.After high school I had to stand up, to build a career, get a living space, comfort and so on.Somehow there was no time, desire and opportunity.So, you are given setting your body, that children simply do not need you.At the same time it gave at the time when the basic life functions were aimed at procreation.

So, your first and foremost task is to be finished itself.To do this, you must eliminate from himself this deeply ingrained installation and direct all their inner strength, thoughts and impulses in the right direction.Your true feminine nature will help you, just release it in yourself, stop pinching her convention time, status and position.And stop blame themselves for everything and wear different questions.In short, become free!

next important question - is deafened statement that having children out of love only.Judging by everyday practice, it is not so.But there is one "but."If you dream of a child, family comfort, well-being presented to your new life, you need to really have a child of love.Your thoughts, moods, desires, give the first and the deepest installation for the formation of the new man.And love - is the most powerful and a true sense of who does just fine.With this first installation you born man will go through this difficult life confident because you've laid in it a spark of happiness.And no matter were you able to keep your personal well-being, loved and strong family.Unfortunately, not always work the way you want.But you tried this, and this is important.

How have children?It is important that this issue is not only worried about the expectant mother, but the father of the future.You just need to like a child and a man.And not just like, for example, pride, continuer kind, self-realization, but as a piece of, continued themselves and their love of a woman.Often, the mother wants the child, and the man in the best case, just loves her and accepts her.And believe me, it's hard to fight.But moving in that direction very worthwhile.If your husband does not share with you the joy of expectation of the child, he can not share with you and the difficulties of the first years of baby's life.And if the father does not make friends with a newborn, then eventually find a common language as a kid, and you will be more and more difficult.So do not miss the opportunity to attract the attention of your men to the issue of birth.Always share your concerns and consider his opinion.This is all very important.

Not so easily done as said.But if you manage to solve these basic nuances, you then have your love and the desire to do prompt the right direction.Then you will find yourself right solution for your family.Then the tips and experience of others will be unnecessary for you.Learn to feel your situation from the inside, deep heart to feel all your personal needs and requirements.Then you will be able to make the right decisions for you and your family.

Maybe described problem situation has its advantages.After all, just the question itself about whether the start of the child, the parents already adjusts for a responsible attitude to this issue.And if before this process is entirely left to stand for God's care, but now a couple of bears and moral responsibility for the new man.Therefore, the main answer to the question of how to give birth to children in families today, in my opinion, should be: "With great responsibility."Here are just a responsible attitude to something always pulls itself and additional difficulties.But do not despair, just move in the right direction and always work on yourself.And you certainly will succeed.

Not everything in our power, but something that we can and we will.So do not forget the proverb: "Trust in God, and those who help themselves!"Good luck to you and your family!