Chekhov, "White-fronted": a summary of the story

childish vnezhanrovy called the story of the wolf and the puppy, who wrote the "engineer of human souls" Chekhov - "White-fronted."Summary it quite simple: the unsuccessful hunt aged wolf, luck silly puppy.He wrote his already venerable, experienced writer.It was far from his first attempt at writing: Anton created the story of 35 years of age.

's all about the love of nature, passing through the whole life of the writer.Also with regard to children.His it with tuberculosis, he could not have.A stranger, a peasant, for his money built the school."White-fronted" Chekhov wrote in his estate Melikhovo.

Manor Melikhovo.Corner, inspired by the idea of ​​"white-fronted»

Chekhov's story "White-fronted" was written in 1895.Place of writing - Museum-Reserve, and earlier - the manor of the writer.It is located in a village near the town of Chekhov Melikhovo of Moscow region.Melikhovo creative period is the period of maturity of the writer and the happiest time of his short life.The way of life in the estate of Anton Chekhov intended stay in nature, spending time with friends.The darling of the writer were the two taxes: Hina and bromine.From the memoirs known that Chekhov and many willingly engaged in gardening, grow and bear fruit and they all, no matter what they planted.The real passion of the writer were rosebushes.Until now, the museum staff takes care of the "Walk of Love" and the garden of the "French Corner".

plot of "White-fronted»

Why is his story so named Chekhov: "White-fronted"?Summary of the evidence: a decent character - a she-wolf.She even intellect there, thinking.However, a puppy - he is a puppy.It is precisely because of its sweet stupidity.

cold March night, the wolf went on the hunt for human Zimove, located four miles from its burrow.In her lair were three cubs, which were just as hungry as she was.She was getting on in years, the heyday of power for a long time has passed, so had to settle for medium-sized prey.Wolf went to winter quarters.There's an old guard Ignat guarded barn, where a number of other cattle were two sheep may have the lambs.One of them was for her to drag forces.More

us recounts her thoughts Chekhov."White-fronted" (summary in particular) as it introduces us to her logical thinking, with worries and fears.She needs to feed the cubs, and she was hungry.She suspiciousness, her thoughts confused.(As you can see, Anton Pavlovich in its description generous metaphor, giving the animal a human traits.) We have to be careful, the watchman - a big black dog named Arapka.

wolf got into the barn, jumping from a snowdrift on the thatched roof, and made their way through it.In the barn uproar, someone barked, sheep huddled against the wall.She had to quickly flee for fear of the guard with Arapka seizing teeth nearest the lamb.

Just Ran so far that the barking is no longer heard, she noticed that the living lump in his teeth - obviously heavier lamb.It was a big black puppy with white spot on the forehead.The natural aversion did not give her to eat this kid.She left him and ran with nothing to burrow.

however silly ran after her.He long flippers and a wolf playing with cubs.Once, after one of these games it is the second time decided to eat it.But stupid creation licked her nose on his disgusting smell of dog and wolf finally changed her mind.

Lovers of classical art is even a version of why such a suit chose puppy Chekhov - White-fronted.Summary of it is in the interests of the writer: a taxi.Brom was black, Hina - red, but saltpeter, which appeared later, had bright spots.

return to the plot.Since it is not fed as cubs, White-fronted, played enough, alone went to the cabin.I went there and wolf.Re-hunting.But to link her silly puppy, he returned home happily raised his barking, and the wolf again had to flee with nothing.Ignat same, considering that the hole in the roof of the White-fronted done, and all the fuss was because of him, in the morning asked him a thrashing.


story "White-fronted" teaches children to understand the nature, love her.Author, ironically, is hoping that they will grow up smarter and thinner than keeper Ignat, says "technical grade": "in front of the full" or "spring burst in the brain."

lot of attention paid Anton peasant children.In the vicinity of Melikhovo for his money it was built three schools.It is for children Chekhov wrote "White-fronted."The main idea of ​​this work, first published by the magazine "Children's Reading": people should be more attentive to the animals, trying to understand their needs, and then the spiritual world becomes deeper.The surrounding nature - is thin, it is necessary to understand, and not treat it mechanically simplified.