Which car is needed for the girls?

In the Russian Federation, and all over the world, every year the number of the ladies behind the wheel.Of course, very often the selection and purchase of women's car falls on the shoulders of men.

Now many car manufacturers have increased the number of female models.And an independent agency was conducted a sociological survey on the topic: "What is the criterion for the overriding girls when choosing a car?" It turned out that 39% of girls answered questions, consider an important criterion image of the manufacturer and the public opinion about a particular brand of car.The next 23% are confident that the design of the machine is more important than the other nuances.And 16% of women prefer passive safety of cars.

only 11% of women consider important wealth of equipment.Economical consumption greet only 6%, 3% handling and reliability 2% of the survey participants.

Naturally, the car for the girls to be acquired with regard to their requirements.Therefore, were awarded the most worthy of the machine, the most appropriate response in all respects conducted the poll.

So, we list the most gorgeous women cars:

  • Range Rover Evoque is a very convenient crossover class "luxury".It makes the British company Land Rover.The car is equipped with two diesel and petrol engines.Gasoline engines have turbochargers, two-liter working volume and power of 240 horsepower.This machine is suitable for girls that you can select a gear box, and the corresponding diesel and gasoline engines.
  • Mini Countryman - a small crossover car manufacturer Mini.This is the first car Mini, released in the discharge cars.It has a five-door body, made in cooperation with BMW.This machine is the first machine for the women of whatever age.
  • Audi A1 belongs to a class of small cars in the premium car segment.Its mass production started after the Geneva show.This is the most inexpensive car for the girls.Price for maximum configuration is only 940,000 rubles.
  • Citroen DS3 - a small car to move around the city.The machine is one of the most elegant.Its wide range of colors of the roof of the body perfectly combined with the very body, color and trim color dashboard.This is an ideal first car for any girl.
  • Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo is produced by Skoda in honor of his own 110-year participation in the competition in Monte Carlo.In the Russian market of car appeared in 2012 and immediately became popular and in demand.Such a machine for the girls released a single set.And in order to buy a car this woman, a man will have to pay 699 thousand rubles.The model is equipped with heated front seats, four electric windows, fog lights, climate control Climatronic, airbags.This is the best car of the year among the top-class women's Car 2012.

course, cool cars - those breathtaking, cars that are all bound to look back.But it must be remembered that the whole is based on the steepness of beauty.