Cellular polycarbonate - Unique Modern Material , irreplaceable in the farmlands

With the development of modern technology, the invention of new building materials era of wooden fences, plastic greenhouses, board and concrete canopies coming to an end.Increasingly gardeners visit the building online stores and outlets to monitor the range for the emergence of new or improved finishing materials or equipment that could simplify and facilitate garden work as well as to protect the private sector from the impact of various external factors.

One such material is polycarbonate.Currently, the polymer replaces the usual set of previously used materials.Plastic got its name from the appearance, resembling honeycombs in beehives.Made of polycarbonate polycarbonate pellets by extrusion.Plate 2 is a sheet positioned parallel to each other and interconnected by partitions called ribs.Inside ribs is the air that gives excellent thermal insulation effect.Therefore polycarbonate is often used in the construction of greenhouses, winter gardens and greenhouses.

polymer rich variety of thicknesses and colors.It can fit into any, even the most original and elegant interior and landscape.For greenhouses often used transparent polycarbonate 4 mm thick.This is the best option to provide sufficient haze (90%), which is one of the major advantages of foamed plastic, and to improve thermal insulation.On the outer side of a polycarbonate plate coated with a special protective UV coating to protect from harmful sun rays.

To build robust and reliable fence will suit both transparent and colored polycarbonate.Colored leaves make rail more original and attractive, and with proper combining cellular plastic and decorative wrought obtained simply masterpieces.A fence made of polycarbonate is best put to use panels 8 mm thick.It will protect the territory from the disaster strikes, and human intervention.

polycarbonate sheets are also widely used for the construction of canopies and awnings different shape, thickness and size, depending on what the load, and the purposes for which the data were calculated design.The panels can withstand a lot of weight, so we can not be afraid for the fact that during the heavy snow or hail construction will be damaged.With all his strength plastic sheet has extraordinary flexibility, which allows you to create original landscape and interior models.Affect the material may be without heat to form easily attached even in a cold state.

cellular plastic can withstand -40 ° C ... + 120 ° C.What you can use it in all time zones and climates.So buy polycarbonate and it can be used anywhere in the world.Therefore, in the past few years, the polymer is in great demand.In addition, the price of polycarbonate more than is available, due to its lightness, resistance to external factors, convenience for transportation and installation.

Using polymer farmlands can replace many previously used materials, increase productivity and create the necessary degree of protection for people, plants and buildings.Polycarbonate greenhouses are able to provide all the necessary conditions for plant growth and development, allowing year-round on the table to have a healthy and useful products.