How to choose a garden pruner for pruning roses, Grape?

beginning of autumn and the end of winter - these are the times when it's time to start doing your garden.Approximately when the air temperature -2 degrees Celsius is necessary to start pruning trees.This procedure is performed every year and is needed for the formation of the crown and remove the sick and dead branches.For pruning, vines, roses are used special tools.Let's talk about how to choose a garden pruner.There is no big deal, but every detail is important.

Design scissors

gradually modified scissors.And today, the stores can find the final version, as something to change or add a bit hard.For example, the working tool blade tempered.This makes it particularly strong and at the same time sharp, which allows to cut vegetable fibers and it does not split them.In supporting the blade (bottom) is a special groove through which the sap flows.This ensures that during operation there is no sticking, and the blade is not as strongly and quickly contaminated.

In addition, a system for depreciation.It allows you to work over a longer period, as the gardener does not make any sudden movements that could quickly tire or cause injury.Pinch bolt and nut need for parallel fixing blade and the lock allows to fix them at the end of work.This will prevent accidental opening.By the way, before you choose a garden pruner, note the handle, it must be durable and comfortable.

little history

invented a tool such as secateurs, was still in 1815 in France.It is worth noting that at the time for cutting the vine used a special knife.But despite the fact that it was relatively easy to use, it quickly replaced the pruner.Around the beginning of the 19th century such an instrument was in Russia.It is no secret that in those days the nobles preferred to use the works of French scientists, teachers, gardeners.In general, all that came from France, immediately became extremely popular.

Since pruner at first used exclusively for cutting the vine, it has been popular among gardeners edged knife.But soon they began to use secateurs to cut the flower beds, shrubs and so on. N. Hence, there have been various modifications such as Lopper, brush cutter, pruner for roses and so on. N. At the same time, also have different designs, but they differ onmore shape of the blade, and the base has one.

"Anvil" for dry branches

This is one of the most popular and common solutions.Secateurs design is such that the upper blade is active, and the bottom - a reference.They are located on exactly the same line and in the process can not be displaced relative to each other.When the operator firmly presses on the handle, the upper blade is lowered to the bottom and cut off a branch.It is ideal for grafting trees, pruning dry (stiffness) branches.This lower part is called the anvil.For example, the company's products "Garden" is well known to all gardeners.This tool is able to work with branches up to 2 cm in diameter. Anvil plastic and has a ribbed surface and chrome upper blade pruners.It is also the perfect solution for working with the vine.In general, these scissors have one small negative - it's lock, which is not always reliable.

Bypass Pruner standard

If you do not know how to choose a garden pruner, then pay attention to bypass options.Such shears have only one constructive Unlike secateurs with an anvil - in that the blades are offset along the line of cut.But, as in the previous case, upper - working, lower - resistant.

key feature of this tool is that every cut branches are not damaged main part.However, due to the offset of the cut end of the line is deformed, it is necessary to take into account when buying.This feature of bypass pruners makes them ideal for the growing branches.For example, the production of Swiss company Brigadier popular among wine-growers.Tool easily copes with stems up to 2 cm thick.Teflon coating and ribbed plastic handle makes the unit easy to use.

Pruner Ratchet

We have so little understood that this garden pruner.How to choose, we will explain a little later.Who would like to say a few words about the pruners who are equipped with ratchet.These scissors are needed for the treatment of escape with a diameter of 2-3 cm. Powerful ratchet mechanism reduces the force that effectively cut the dried branches.

work is carried out in several stages.At the same time for cutting one branch, the operator must press 2-3 on the handle.The ratchet mechanism will not allow the blade to leave its original position.Due to the immobility of the upper blade, cut it turns smooth and smooth, with no visible deformities.As you can see, these pruners have a number of advantages.First, it does not need to make a greater effort, and secondly, can be treated with very thick branches, and thirdly, it turns smooth cut.

If you do not know how to choose secateurs for the garden, then pay attention to models with a ratchet.They are comfortable in every way.However, before you buy, check how easy pruner is in your hand.

On rechargeable models

Cordless - is undoubtedly promising.This solution allows to save power summer resident, since he hardly making any effort.But is it worth to pay a few thousand for such Electroscissors?Let's look at this in more detail.

German company "Bosch" produces some of the highest quality battery pruners.A key feature of the tool is that it can handle 1.4 cm escape alive, although the manufacturer recommends not to raise the bar higher than 1.2 cm. Cordless models can cut the knots are not thicker than 0.9 cm in diameter.

Utility knife is activated by pressing the lever, so there is no need to constantly make an effort to press the knob.The blade is made in most cases hidden, so they could not be hurt when the instrument is not in working condition.It is made of carbon steel, so it stays sharp for a long time.Let's talk about how to choose the pruner Grape battery type.In contrast to the classic versions there are several features.

Selecting storage pruners

You probably noticed that there are a wide variety of garden pruners.How to choose the model of the battery, you ask?There are several other important criteria than is the case with classical scissors.In particular, it makes sense to pay attention to the capacity of the battery, its weight and operating life.Usually installed lithium-ion batteries, they are also the most profitable on all sides.Have a high service life, low weight and dimensions.Charges are not more than 5 hours, while the resource is enough for quite a while.If you are going to buy a pruner, then give preference to models with a high capacity battery.In general, it is the ideal solution for elderly people with aching joints, which is caused by applying unnecessary force when the work.Before choosing a pruner to give the battery type, be sure to test its performance.And now let us consider a few important details.

How to choose a pruner pruning

As for the choice of scissors, then here are some important nuances.The main of them - the use of high-carbon steel cutting blades.This metal is a long time will remain sharp but sharpening should be carried out on time.It is important not to wait until the edges of the deformation of metal knives, then they will serve you for a long time.It is advisable to select a tool that has a special coating against sticking.This can greatly simplify the processing of trees, flowers and vines.For example, many gardeners wondering how to choose a pruner for pruning roses.

fact that these scissors should not crease the trunk while cutting, otherwise it will be a long time to heal, which is not good.Therefore, the blade must be sharp.The line cut should be one.

unilateral or bilateral?

Before buying it is advisable to get acquainted with the product range.You'll notice that there pruners one cutting knife (one-way), while the lower is the reference.In addition, there is a double-sided hedge trimmers, where both blades are working.In the first case, in operation only blunt upper operating blade, in the second case, both knife tupyatsya.Thus say that any kind of more preferred, and some less, is not necessary.Almost always the issue rests in the price.Best pruners manufactured in Germany, Finland and Sweden.

Ergonomics garden secateurs

If you choose is very important to pay attention not only on the quality of the steel, but also ease of use tool.The fact that the pruner should lie well in the hand, it does not rub the corn and not to bore brush.Therefore, ergonomics is worth special attention.Coating handles, for example, plays an important role.The simplest design - painting.More expensive models - made of rubber or a composite material.This solution is most appropriate as the scissors will have a relatively small weight and strength would be at a sufficient level.If you do not know how to choose secateurs floristry, get an easy and sharp model that will lie comfortably in your hand.So you will not go wrong.

How to choose Pruner Fiskars

This company has been around long enough in the market and tested by time.A special feature of this manufacturer is that the offer we have a wide variety of garden pruners.How to choose the right option?Models used by florists Inspiration and PowerStep used for pruning.In addition, the company has been producing professional pruners for working in tight spaces.So before you choose a garden pruner, defined with the work performed.If you want to cut the branches of trees, flowers, vines, then definitely better to give preference to a professional model.There are such a lot of pruning, but are long enough and perfectly cope with the task.