Blue stones.

choosing favorite stones, people are guided by different parameters.Some were attracted by the title, the other - their magical properties, and the third - the color.Fans of dark blue color know that these stones have a calming and relaxing effect.Blue stones, precious and semiprecious stones, at the same time help develop intuition and logical thinking.If you look at the color, there are associations with stormy sea and peaceful sky.Purposefulness, business, confident people choose blue stones.Precious helpers, they will direct you to go firmly on the chosen path.Indian astrologers were assured that if you put a mentally ill person in the room, upholstered in blue felt, it will be safer and maybe even fully recover.

blue stones.Precious and semi-precious

most popular blue stones is sapphire.If we consider the semi-precious and semi-precious minerals, we can find agate, lapis lazuli, aventurine, quartz, tourmaline.

dark blue gem

Sappheiros (sapphire) in Greek means "blue stone".But sometimes he and other colors: pink, colorless, green, yellow.The most valuable are the minerals of bright blue, cornflower blue.In ancient Persia believed that the land is located on a large sapphire and blue sky is its reflection.The Greeks considered it a stone Zeus and the Romans - Jupiter.Refers to the precious stones is corundum.Prized since ancient times, it is rich in history.It is believed that protects its wearer from envious thoughts, poisoning, attracts friends and removes enemies.Previously, it was the stone of physicians because heal many ailments.They believed that this mineral helps with heart disease, promotes sound sleep.Earrings with sapphire gave young girls: it was thought that it makes them more serious and promises a happy marriage.

Sapphires in history

His loved monarchs, sky-blue mineral is inserted into the crown of many kings and emperors.Blue sapphire gemstone, named "Saint Edward," adorns the British Crown.According to legend, it was made from seal the wise King Solomon.The ring with this stone was Alexander the Great.


best stones mined in Madagascar and Sri Lanka.It appreciated the sapphires from Myanmar and Kashmir, but now they almost never occur in the jewelry market.Most mined in the United States, Thailand, Kenya, Cambodia, Australia, Tanzania.The largest sapphire, weighing 12.6 kilograms, was produced in 1996 in Myanmar.Solid: if you hold it for emerald, you should not stay.Characterized by heterogeneity of color: besides the blue, on the same stone may be present yellow, blue and magenta.

Zodiac and blue stones (precious).Sapphires and their magical properties.

It can not be worn with pearls: they are not compatible.Recommend Virgo, Aquarius and Aries, Capricorn is not suitable.He acts for these signs in different ways, giving them the missing property.Aries will learn to control yourself, get rid of excessive temper, give lacks wisdom.Virgin will be better able to communicate with people, they will become an ally in thinking.Aquarius will give courage and help to develop spiritually.I do not recommend it infantile and inactive people, because it is able to turn them into passive amoebas.