A bird with a tuft on his head: some of them are found in our country?

Nature Russia surprisingly original and multifaceted.The explanation for this fact is simple: only the country stretches for thousands of kilometers, combining several time zones and more than a dozen different climate zones.

It is not surprising that such a vast territory usual myriad birds.Oddly enough, but many fans are interested in the nature of a bird with a tuft on his head: strictly speaking, those are some species of which we briefly talk.

first comes to mind waxwing.It is these birds in early winter dozens stuck to bushes and viburnum rowan, gathering a rich harvest of delicious and vitamin berries.

Their size is relatively small: an adult waxwing is approximately equal to their size starlings (15-18 cm), but it compares favorably with its bright and memorable appearance.Weight up to about 70 grams.

This bird with a tuft on his head prefers to live in snowy northern forests and the forests of Siberia, perekochevyvaya south for the winter.Despite the fact that it is known to us as a fighter rowan berries actually waxwings are insectivorous.And only in the cold season, they move on to a vegetarian type of diet.

But what other bird with a tuft of hair on the head is found in the vast expanses of our country?Unlike waxwings, hoopoe is not so well known "to the public", but much more interesting appearance.

the size of it practically does not differ from the previous type.The distinguishing feature - a long beak, shaped like a needle.Exception - sableklyuvye hoopoe, which he bent.The crest on the head is formed by special feathers, which are most often folded.

prefer to settle in copses, where thickets (where they make nests), interspersed with open spaces where birds produce their own food.

feed on insects, but some species do not disdain to attack small reptiles, including snakes.Where lives the bird with a tuft on his head, they almost never occur.

Have Udodov one unpleasant feature: they do not remove the litter from the edge of the nest.Oddly enough, but the bad smell that comes from the nests, due to special fragrant secret that identifies the bird itself.So hoopoe defend against enemies.

Finally, oatmeal plain - it is also a gray bird with a tuft.Exterior view of its fairly inconspicuous: a small gray Ptah, which can often be found on the country roads of rural roads.

basic plumage color - gray, but a certain "luster" it gives a small tuft of hair, especially pronounced in males.It feeds mainly on insects, but often goes to the crops.

Unfortunately, the latter has served her habit of bad service: Because of the mass distribution of pesticides buntings population in recent decades has fallen dramatically.A pity, because it destroys many harmful insects, and her singing is very pleasing to the human ear.

So you know the name of a bird with a tuft.Since we can not know what exactly you met Ptah, you should focus on the description given in this article.