Cloaks for spring-summer 2008 season

Today cloak called almost any spring or autumn garments of light, silk, or dense tissue.

Trench coat, duster, or mac - classic versions differ in each season with new parts and finish the cut.

trendy: straight loose cloak

In the spring and summer season of 2008, all tends to lightness and weightlessness.

Free, shapeless models seem easy due to the rounded shoulder line and a wide cut.

Net as a white sheet, these models provide a good basis for experimentation with prints and patterns, as well as with color inserts, which can give the model a more definite shape.

Simplicity and ease of style is sure to provide this light clothing and more popular in the new season.

most popular colors - white, indigo, all bright trendy colors of the season.

Basic materials: a smooth thick cotton, silk faille, blended linen fabrics, materials, colors with metallic luster dim.

long coat with belt

Elegance is a harmony between classic and new interpretations.This seems to be the classic model every season acquires new features.

In the spring-summer season of this year, the current model with abundant metallic finish as a cloak to Burberry, and coats of high quality denim by Chanel.

Among other innovations, we note the unexpected combination of proportions and forms, for example, additional small cape sleeves combined with long silhouettes and sporty style parks and wide rectangular silhouettes.

Primary colors: neutral, indigo, dark summer colors.

Basic materials: lightweight waterproof x / cotton fabric, translucent materials, denim, Cinzia, iridescent taffeta.

trendy: transparent outerwear

It may not be the most commercially profitable direction of the season, but some influential designers used transparent materials to make popular this summer, the effect of lightness.In their view, modern coats should look that way.

can say that this trend is a logical result of global warming and, therefore, a shining example of all-weather clothing.

basic colors: white and black colors, bright trendy colors, shades bedding.

Main materials: organza, Gazar silky, silky nylon.

trendy: sleeve-wraps

New this summer - a cloak with sleeves resembling capes.

Also as part of this trend can be found light summer cloak that gives upper torso a little volume.

looks spectacular cocoon silhouettes best with sports trim and hidden fasteners, such as models of Lanvin, Gucci and Erdem.

Primary colors: neutral, bright trendy colors: yellow, red, magenta geraniums.

Main materials: smooth x / cotton fabrics, materials with rubber-lined silk faille, iridescent taffeta, lightweight parachute silk.

sports coat

long jacket with a hood, or the park, has always been and remains the most often buy a thing not only for the early autumn or winter, but also for the spring-summer season, is under the strong influence of sports style.

combination of practical details and streamlined shapes with luxurious fabrics such as iridescent taffeta, creating a very unusual effect.

Primary colors: various shades of white, palely neutral colors, indigo, bright trendy colors such as yellow.

Main materials: satin, iridescent taffeta materials with iridescent sheen, silky fabric.

Summer mac

Another option transparent cloak, which has more success in the market, as designers are chosen as a material lighter types of nylon and transparent plastic, considering them the most suitable for the summer rainy weather.

models felt youth style, especially in the works of Luella vinyl chloride with floral print, and even in a completely transparent raincoat Just Cavalli.

This trend can be seen as an evolution of the popular today lacquered materials.

basic colors: white, neutral colors, smoky gray, warm pink color.

Main materials: vinyl chloride and lacquered materials, transparent plastic, translucent nylon types.

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