How to distinguish the false from the honey agaric mushrooms: tips and tricks

Every autumn in the forest leaving thousands mushroom pickers, surrendering to the passion of collecting all his soul.Someone "hunts" for some well-defined types of mushrooms, but many love to just wander along the forest paths, collecting everything that comes their way.

But mushrooms - this is the production, against which no one will not mind.Nutritious and very tasty, they will decorate your table.But how to distinguish false honey agaric mushrooms from the present?

no secret that these "heathens" come across more often their edible cousins, so that features of both types need to know very well.

first tell you about the false honey mushrooms.It should be noted that the so-called not one but several types of fungi.However, we will not delve into the jungle botany: they are all very similar, and found in the same places.

So how to distinguish false from honey agaric mushrooms, if they grow in the same stumps and trunks of fallen trees?

To do this, a clear idea of ​​the normal appearance of Armillaria, as their similarities rather conditional.

easiest and the main distinguishing feature - a ring under the cap (a kind of life preserver).Young mushrooms under the cap are a safety membrane.When honey agaric grows, the membrane is broken, and the leg is a ring.

Remember: no false mushrooms (how to distinguish that, we discuss in this article) of the ringlet not have!Wary as to the mushrooms, which have the protective film is stretched almost the entire length of the legs: after seeing that, you can not doubt that faced with some toadstools.

In addition, there are other differences.In normal honey agaric entire surface of the cap is covered with tiny plates that are a little difficult to see on a dark surface of the cap.

Note that the old mushrooms such scales are no longer there.However, to take them in any case not worth it: food and taste "oldies" much far from perfect.Before distinguish false from honey agaric mushrooms, and look carefully at the color of the cap.The "counterfeiting" is always somewhat brighter colors.The color ranges from yellow-gray to reddish yellow.Experienced mushroomer need only look to throw at them in order to recognize a dangerous species.In normal honey agaric hat is always a relaxing beige-brown color, which is against the background of old wood hardly conspicuous.

These same characteristics have to be guided by considering the plate under the bonnet.In the false honey agaric their color varies from yellow to olive-yellow.In normal mushroom plate creamy beige or pale yellow.Another difference from false honey agaric honey agaric - smell.

Smell controversial mushroom - an edible will smell nice and fresh.But their "fake" issue counterparts, usually unpleasant, musty odor.

In short, we have listed a lot of features that a high probability of dangerous twins can be distinguished.But the main principle is a simple rule: if you do not believe fully in the breed you seen a mushroom, that never, under any circumstances, do not take it!

We hope that you will now know exactly how to distinguish false honey agaric mushrooms from edible!To be careful, there's nothing particularly complicated about it.