Lodges and office container - Comfortable accommodation for country life

In the rhythm of modern life for many of us it would be desirable for the weekend to go out of town, get some fresh air and escape from the worries and hassles, ignore the problems at work, and the human imagination immediately draws in the imagination of a small house, where you can spend some quiet time, ornot thinking about anything.Quality vacation is now available not only in expensive homes, but in a cozy little house.

Garden house or office container - the perfect solution for those who do not want to order the construction of capital at home, who are important to save time and money.In each of the above types of housing can be according to your desire to make repairs, using a variety of materials: hardboard, MDF, wood siding or panels of plastic.Also at the request of the window chosen plastic or wood.Each selected model house can be different in size of the structure.Select the number of partitions.

project of any country house made of individual drawings, and, more importantly, housing can be equipped with orders.assembly, furniture, built-in kitchen and a split system.

This country house can accommodate not only in summer but all year round, because it can withstand temperatures from -20 to + 40 * *.

lodges and garden houses are made on the basis of the framework of metal or sandwich panels, allowing them to build in a few weeks in the building of various shapes and sizes.In addition, not only the garden and summer houses, caravans and cars that are used mainly in the construction of facilities, which are used to create a sandwich - panels.These panels have a high sound and heat insulation, moisture resistance and fire resistance as well as durability and attractive appearance.

Prefabricated garden houses, cars and summer cabins cabins is fairly easy and inexpensive to raise, they have the convenience and ease of disassembly and assembly, simple construction, thereby reducing transportation costs and the load on the foundation.

lodges and cabins are small original premises, which is usually stored equipment and tools.In some cases, these buildings serve as guard checkpoints, can serve as a temporary place to stay for the construction team.Often these cars are equipped with bathroom cabins, a small corridor and even the kitchen, in the shed is supplied with electricity and water.

for active recreation is very useful the use of hunting lodges.Absolutely all temporary structures come in many different sizes and shapes.Most cottages are made individually, taking into account all the wishes of the customer.

modular office container, and other houses are collected and assembled on site, or the site of the individual blocks.Modular summer cottages cabins especially unique because it is mobile, it can be easily transported even in a small car that's just wonderful to enjoy.

Cabins and lodges large size can also be equipped with bathrooms and showers.Technology insulation high-performance materials can make comfortable cottages to stay in any season.It is also important that such facilities are well protected against moisture, rot and wear.Wheel metal sheets with a special coating, it can not rust.As the insulation often use the famous or Isover insulation Ursa, close kotoroye further steam and gidrobarernoy film.