City Stavropol Pal

From the southeast to the city again approached the gang hides.The heroic defense of the city was weakened by another betrayal of General Rudnev and SR Coppet, striving to undermine the forces of the defenders of the city.Red Army troops and workers were not able to resist the invasion of Denikin's troops, and July 21, 1918 Stavropol fell.

Denikin hordes continuously replenished by a wealthy part of Don, Terek and Kuban Cossacks.They poured all the counter-revolutionary forces, escaped from the center of Russia.They grew at the expense of "volunteers", forcibly mobilized in the villages.Soon the white troop reached 85 thousand.

The captured white Stavropol raged fierce terror.Not only the Bolsheviks, but also suspected of sympathizing with and even sympathy for them were arrested and killed.Head of Stavropol garrison DS Ashihin taken prisoner, Denikin's executioners hanged in the square that bears his name.

Loss provincial center served as a great impetus to the completion of the Red Army by fleeing the White Terror.The troops continued to fight.They were led Provincial Committee of the Party and the Provincial Executive Committee, had moved to the village Nevinnomyssk.July 23 began an offensive of the Soviet troops under the command of FG Shpak to Stavropol.In the fierce fighting on July 24th Red Army entered the city, strongly crushing the enemy's defenses.Thomas Shpak in the car, ignoring a hail of bullets, advanced circuit cheering the advancing soldiers.

- Give Stavropol!- He shouted in the heat of battle.

But at that moment it struck an enemy bullet ...

death of young, talented commander and organizer of the Red Army (now bears his name around Stavropol administrative district, the street where he was mortally wounded, at school number 17 a memorial plaque) depressing effect upon men.Their chain broke and stopped.Taking advantage of the confusion white counterattacked.However, the Red Army left the city for more than 2 thousand workers who have been fighters.

In those days at the hands of an agent provocateur in the village chairman died Nevinnomyssk Stavropol Committee of the RCP (b), Michael G. Morozov.His name is one of the central streets of the city of Stavropol.In the Stavropol region turned guerrilla warrior.As for the whole province and the Caucasus, in the Stavropol district in early August there was a partisan detachment in 2.5 thousand. Soldiers.Front Without flared around the city.17 th and 29 th of August the guerrillas tried to beat the white of the provincial center, but it was not enough cohesion, the ability to communicate, and, unfortunately, blows through the city ended in failure.

And once again faced with the task: to unite the scattered guerrilla units into regular units of the Red Army.On this issue, it decided to convene the September 8 Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Executive Committee congress of frontline commanders of guerrilla groups in the village of gratitude.To guide the formation of the headquarters was established Stavropol troops.In the organization of regular troops played a significant role Communists Tsaritsyn.From there, the troops were Stavropol ammunition manufactured goods.In response to Tsaritsyn sent convoys with bread and wool, were herds of cattle ....