Why is the Olympic rings in different colors?

When Pierre de Coubertin revived the Olympic movement began, then realized how important symbolism in promoting the idea of ​​the world.The word Olympus has a deep and multifaceted meaning.This beauty, and strength, and the World, and the divinity of activity that develops the human body, and spirit.He wove the five colored rings and turned them all symbolizing the 5 populated continents that's why the Olympic rings in different colors.

Riddle of Pierre de Coubertin

symbolism of colored rings is read, it would seem easy.Blue ring - Europe, yellow - Asia, Black - Africa, green - Australia, red - America.So it was written in the Charter of the Olympic Movement until 1951.But the founder of the Olympic movement said not a word that means the colors of the Olympic rings.Although it seems strange, but there can not be a coincidence.So, in these colors laid a deeper meaning than the one that lies on the surface.Therefore filmed record of the colors of rings in the Charter, leaving everything else unchanged.

five colored rings - the most famous symbol of the Olympic Games.He constantly before the eyes of billions of people have.And give him an unambiguous interpretation - does that mean to belittle it, turning it into a motto.And probably Pierre de Coubertin knew it.The characters are not read and explained.They have a multi-meaning that everyone absorbs the addition of consciousness and interpreted already as capable.

The ring itself is a capacious symbol - infinity, closed on itself.So, every continent is closed on itself, but some common cause gossip with other continents.And the Olympic Games are also a symbol, a symbol of the future of the common cause of all mankind.That is why the Olympic rings of different colors and intertwined with each other.

Another symbol of the Olympic Games

torch that lit from the rays of the sun, and then carry the relay race to the site of the Games - also a multi-faceted character.His bear, and it establishes peace in the world, reminding people of different races of some sort, not yet discernible, future problem of all mankind.Once in the modern history of the fire broke out the world, to our time otgoreli two world wars and many civil wars.I do not set it in the world.But the idea lives on.It remains to clarify the task of the Olympic torch which tells people, and to establish peace on the planet because of the war between races and within races instantly lose meaning.After all, the aim is for all mankind, it is necessary to solve, and not to destroy each other.We have woven a common home - planet Earth.He has become so small, because humanity grows out of it ... Different colored rings of the Olympic flag and torch calling us to something unprecedented beauty that is worth to live and be a man.

characters do not die

Pierre de Coubertin drew the idea of ​​the Olympic Games from the depths of the so-called pagan culture and revived her.And it is so organically intertwined into our lives, it also can not be an accident.So, the time for this idea of ​​grace has come.

interesting is that Coubertin called himself old Franco, who fell in love with a beautiful paganism of ancient culture.He said that he has ceased to be a barbarian, when the sight of the gods on Mount Olympus, because the ineffable beauty pierced his senses.The mind remains the same, but the essence of the soul changed.

take the ring for his ideas suggested Coubertin Russian artist Nicholas Roerich and spirituality.It's a fact.Maybe he helped choose the colors?After all, the value of the Olympic rings on colors has a very specific meaning.Blue ring - a divine idea;Black - physicality;red - passion;yellow - sensuality;green - patient balance.The intertwining of these rings symbolize a certain ideal of human personality.However, in the esoteric, there are two colored rings, t. E. The ideal person should possess seven qualities.But the esoteric roots of Olympic symbols lurking.

white background flag

Why Olympic rings of different colors is a white flag?White - a symbol of all things and purity.And any color white is dominant, so the symbolism of heraldry and has a silver-gray instead of white.Apply in symbolism and heraldry white background - a very risky, because he seems to be receding and bulges placed on it as a symbol.Thus the diversity of lost and transformed into a symbol of the primitive motto.This did not happen with the flag of the Olympic movement, which is another proof of the fact that it involved the creation of an artist who understands and feels the color.


question about why the Olympic rings in different colors, can not find solutions ever.On the character and to not have a clear answer.Each interpreter is in its own right, but in a different way is not right.Symbol perceive the soul and do not understand the mind.