Summary of the "Life of Avvakum" and the fate of its author

One of the most interesting monuments in the ancient literature is the famous "Life of Avvakum".Summary of it - it's autobiographical novel about the fate and deeds of the old man, his faithful service to God.Written in an entirely new genre for the time of work demonstrates a unique style and unique language.

Summary "The Life of Avvakum»

work that has come down to us from ancient times, consists of three conventional parts.In the first one (entry), the author sets forth the tenets of the Church of the true faith, which holy confesses.The main body of the saint tells the story of his life: birth and childhood, persecution and exile, of his reflections and observations.Finally, Habakkuk gives some short stories about the healing of the possessed, and also refers to the elder Epiphanius - its like-minded companions and spiritual father.Summary of the "Life of Avvakum" tells what Epiphany prompted him to write this work in order to comprehend the word of God and the truth is not gone into oblivion.In turn, the priest, and advises him to write a work like about yourself, to let people know about his hard life.

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«Life of Avvakum": analysis and characterization

first autobiographical work of Old Russian literature not only talks about the troubled life of the holy old man.It was a brilliant work, which not only includes the "boring" facts of life, but also contains some message rebel who does not put up with any vices of his flock, no other priests.For harsh criticism of the Patriarch, and of the king-priest, with the rejection of church reform (Habakkuk was and remained an Old Believer) it not only sent into exile, canceled his Holy Orders, but a horrible death and executed.After the torture he was burned in the wooden house, along with his associates in Pustozersk.

Such is a summary of "The Life of Avvakum".The manner of his writing is full of poetics and emotions.The old man knows that the canons are destroyed, but he does not want to put up with this, he further spreads the light of God's truth.Even in exile disgraced priest preaches and writes letters, struggling with the "lawlessness" and teaches the true faith.The great teacher of the church Habakkuk did not agree even on the request of Queen to give up their beliefs.

Summary "The Life of Avvakum" still contains an element of wonder as a proof of the veracity of ideas that preaches the old man.In the name of Jesus Christ of casting out demons and healed the sick.Copyright retreat testify about the experience of the writer concerned with the integrity and unity of the whole story.Later, such techniques will become mandatory in the literature.

value "Lives»

emergence of autobiographical works marked a new stage in the development of literature in Russia.For followers of Habakkuk, and just the other authors who did not share his views, close to the world: there is a departure from the canons of literary fiction, language becomes more alive, "peasant".Old Russian literature has ceased to be a purely ecclesiastical, it is more consistent with the new society - more educated, prone to self-reflection about life, religion, the state will build and his ideals.