We educate young knight

You have a son.This is the happiest event in the life of any family.And now, in the near future, your task as parents, give the kid a decent future and raise intelligent, polite, kind person.And this mission is the development of the child in all aspects will depend on such factors:

- environment, which will be the crumb;

- family environment;

- proper upbringing of the child by the parents.

So today we'll talk about how to grow from a son of a gentleman and a knight, which in the future dream of all girls.

How many men dream is about the birth of his son and heir, successor of sorts.And finally, this long-awaited event happened.You became a dad.Now your dreams that his son could grow from the famous football player or a successful businessman can come true.By the way, the boys, unlike girls, better tolerate the discomfort, such as the same wet diapers or noise in the room.That's right, from birth, our little man show endurance.Therefore we discuss all aspects of the education of boys.

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perfect little man

So how, above all, many parents are their child in the near future?He is kind, and hardworking, and support the family - a portrait of a real man!Yes, a clear picture emerges, but before you come to it, you need to do a lot of steps in the education of crumbs.Your steps

- not worth making fun of her son, so to speak, for "feminine" behavior.He is still a child and needs affection mom and dad.Just in the right moments tactfully told him how to behave in elementary situations;

- Avoid statements like "All the boys are bullies."After all, it is not.Each phrase can undermine self-confidence, and any difficult situation may begin with a closed fist.But this method is not always appropriate;

- one of the golden rules of education: to teach a child to respect people, to understand them and to forgive.These aspects of education are so important in that they give the start of adulthood.And these moments parents should do all the time - then the result will be.

From what conditions depends on education crumbs?

First of all, the situation in which the baby, that is, immediately, all those around him.It is you, the parents and closest relatives.And that's despite the adults in their actions, your irrepressible tomboy can turn into that intelligent young man who will stand up for themselves and, of course, for their loved ones.

Every time your son watching how adults solve this or that problem, will make the appropriate conclusions.Therefore, to talk about how to grow your well-mannered boy, can only you, the parents.

Useful tips Pope

- c of the birth of a son to educate, not to a certain age.After all, the joint participation of both parents is so important for the development of a harmonious personality;

- as far as possible, in spite of all your employment, how many spend more time with the child.Your communication, as a father, son, you must.That boy with the Pope will take the lessons of life in all directions;

- the authority of the father will always be a boy to the principal and important priority in life.Therefore, educating his son, remember you for it - the very ideal of a real man.And if in your life unpleasant events happening, try to kid I was not really aware of the complex relationships in adults.

general, the role of the father in any family is invaluable.As a boy and a girl always want to have a father who at any time to protect them from difficulties, or simply hold a pleasant time with them.

Most importantly, the Pope should remember that they have for their children - samples.And it was his father the boy learns how it is - to be a man.By the way, used to be that the boy's upbringing - unfeminine case.And the process of education of the boys involved are not women and men.By the way, a very interesting approach to this process.

Now the situation has changed radically.Very often, all take care of children of women.This can be a problem later.It is desirable that the mission of the care, development and education of the kid taking on Mom and Dad.And then he will not be a pipsqueak torn between parents.The family built on harmony, love and understanding for each other, there will always be healthy and strong relations.Most likely your son will build the image of your family.And it is quite normal.Therefore, any quarrel should not be discussed in the presence of crumbs.

Family Law

If you want to really grew from a boy the same knight on a white horse, it is advisable to adhere to these recommendations:

- the friendly atmosphere in the family;

- a manifestation of affection of parents to son;

- a multi-faceted education crumbs through books, developing techniques.

wish your family the most behaved children!

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