Top dressing of raspberry in the autumn - a necessary procedure to increase future crop

widespread popularity, which had raspberries everywhere, can be explained, in addition to its benefits and taste, simplicity of this extremely useful berry.To her, in some regions, it is almost like a weed.Many people think that it can grow without any problems herself.The main thing - is to put on the site a good variety to the table in the season was always fresh raspberries.Feeding and care of the same - the procedure is not mandatory, because without this shrub grows in the wild in the forests and ravines.However, this rather common misconception prevents the amateur gardeners to collect high yields.Fruiting raspberries on old wood, with at least two branches.With proper care to every bush can collect up to three kilograms of delicious berries.

growth and fruiting

This garden culture grows well and bears fruit only in slightly acidic soil, rich in organic matter.Therefore, a regular raspberry dressing in autumn or spring - the key to a good harvest.Most of the requirements of this berry bush

es to impose enough content in the soil of nitrogen and potassium.The presence of phosphorus is also important.

Feeding raspberry

In normal preplant fertilizer supplement the first three years can only be carried out in the autumn raspberry dressing.And then every year will need to make a mixture of organic matter, superphosphate and potassium salt.The calculation of the amount of fertilizer depends on the composition of the soil.Top dressing of raspberry in the autumn, often in September, carried out to improve the Bookmarks kidneys and increase the harvest next year.For this fertilizer are made in specially made grooves spaced thirty centimeters from the bushes at a depth of about twenty centimeters.

Some recommendations

Feeding raspberry autumn potash, and phosphate fertilizers organic obligatory, but the manure should be applied only in the spring.On the ground too easily it is recommended to increase the amount of thirty percent.It is because of this fertilizer can be washed out of the soil groundwater.For raspberry, whose root system is shallow, this fact is very important.Taking into account this factor and the fact that traditional phosphate fertilizers with certain substances contained in the soil may be considered to form an inaccessible material culture, experienced gardeners use special techniques.

Features dressing

Firstly, the fall raspberry dressing mineral makeup is carried out only with the mandatory organic.Also used are the mineral fertilizers that dissolve in water slowly.This phosphate rock, cement dust, many complete feeding, for example, «AVA», issued in the form of granules or powder.If the dressing of raspberry in the autumn - a superphosphate and potassium sulfate, the spring is enough to add on every square meter of planting up to eighty grams of ammonium nitrate.As a rule, in some regions this garden plant is not experiencing severe shortage of nutrients due to the rotting mulch.Therefore, in such cases autumn raspberry dressing can be compensated by adding another layer of compost.