Church names of the girls - complete list

Our country is great, live in it and children are born in families professing different religious and national traditions.This diversity is one of the secrets of the resilience of the Russian state, which has become home to Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Catholics, Lutherans, and all other religions, each of which praise the Lord in their own way.

How to choose the name?

Orthodox - the most common religion in the nation.National traditions are associated with more than a thousand years of history of Russian Christianity, and we can only rejoice in the fact that they are reborn in our time, returning us to the true values ​​after many decades of atheistic.

The family joy - the baby was born!Funny trouble, buy a pram, diaper, sliders, teats, bottles and more occupy the mind of a happy dad.All congratulate the parents and grandparents.But there is still an important and joyful event - the spiritual birth.To him it is ready.And the name should be chosen.In this matter, as it does in family life, it is im

portant to unanimity spouses, and conflicts are completely unacceptable.

Orthodox Christian Life in Christ begins after baptism.Parents should think in advance about what the church the names of girls and boys they like to consult with others.It is useful to ask for the blessing of the confessor, if any.If necessary, the Board of the priest could be truly priceless, because by the very nature of his office requires a similar experience in worldly matters.

fashion for names

In recent decades, the list of names was rather monotonous, and the fashion for them embraced for generations.In the late thirties boys often called Anatolia or girls Lidiyami Aelita (in honor of the heroine of the fantastic story of Tolstoy).After the first space flight made many Yuriev, Germany and Valentin.Parents have the right to come up with even the original or unique name that seems appropriate to them.So it was before, even before 1917.Nekrasov known epigram, in which he calls on to find the strength to reason with his father, who called the two sons of mind and strength.Particularly affected by such parent expression girl.In the nineties, mothers and fathers preferred borrowing from "foreign" life, the victims were numerous Suzanne, Amelie, Flora and Izaura.

Churching people led to the revival and return of the traditional Russian aesthetics.

Placer church calendar

There is no need to invent something special and intricate when there is a beautiful church the names of girls.Sofia, Vasilisa, Anastasia, Feodosia, Alexander Alla, Daria, Larissa, Evdokia, Taisiya, Zoe, Faina, Pelagia, Valeria, Martha, Thekla, Antonina, Juliana - is only a small part of the gold placer deposits, which are rich calendar.In a sense, these beautiful harmonies resists Western cultural penetration into society, along with movies, videos and music that sounds from the speakers and TV receivers.

enjoy the best examples of art is always a pleasure, moreover, such a desire is laudable, no matter whether the author of works of Russian human or alien.Regrettably subservience to all overseas and especially sad to see the voluntary renunciation of the life-giving source.The name carries in his sound information about the nation that represents people.Of course there are things and more important, but why not pay attention to him?You can select and harmonious, beautiful and glorious name.Pay attention to costs and its harmonious matching names.Comical sounds blend with a foreign native Slavic.In addition, after the girl marries, the name can be changed, and absolutely unpredictable.Stella Ivanova and Margarita Tyutkin characters can be humorous stories describing the period of the NEP-style Zoshchenko, but in real life, can create media that name a lot of unpleasant moments.

Influence on behalf of education

Church names of the girls not only reflect the Christian beliefs of their parents, but often determine the nature of the daughters, and hence their fate.In addition, they seriously affect such an important aspect of education as a national identity.To feel part of a great people - it means, on the one hand, there is a strong ideological basis and dignity, and on the other - to take responsibility for the fate of the country and be proud of it.Thus, choosing the Russian church names for girls, parents from an early age foster citizenship and patriotism.

Source - calendar ...

Every phenomenon is a technical aspect.Some of the parents on the birth of his daughter raises questions about where you can read the names of all church girls to choose the one that they would have liked.Find these lists simply, they are contained in the calendar, which are sold in the shops of all Orthodox churches, as well as in specialty stores for the faithful.Sometimes they are also printed with prayers, and this modest book will always find its place among other publications, standing on a shelf in the home of every Orthodox person.There is one source that will be required in this case - "Lives of the Saints."In this book you can find out the fate of the female ascetic, after which the parents are going to call her daughter.Information about the inherent virtue, no doubt, will have a positive impact on the character and aspirations of the child's life, which have a long life, full of events joyful and sad, happy and tests.

... and the church calendar

There is a tradition to choose the names of the girls on the church calendar.In this regard, it is thus freedom, because at each date usually falls several name-day Saints.In addition, a special chronological strictness there, you can navigate the entire month in which to light a daughter.For example, a list of names of religious girls who were born in July, includes options such as Alevtina, Marina, Yefrosinya, Evdokia, Julia, Olga Margarita, Euphemia, and many others, almost any taste.They may be common, widespread or unusual sound to the ear of modern man, but it should be borne in mind that for a long time people have tried (and unsuccessfully) to instill the idea that everything is pre-revolutionary backward, outdated and even funny.For example, it was thought that such Orthodox Church names of girls like Akulina or the Olympics can only be decrepit old woman.How, in fact, going to church, holy cakes for Easter or observe other religious rites.In fact, our ancestors were not more stupid than us, and nothing funny in their names there.

other cases, the choice of names

Often parents want to name the baby in honor of the wonderful person to assist or even saved some of the family members from certain death.It happens that the mother and father are unanimous in wanting to name daughter in memory of my grandmother or great-grandmother.There is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, a bright respect and reverence gone forever or living relatives and friends tend to the most upright people.However, remember that no matter whether the selected names of church girls on dates or for other reasons, it is still the newly baptized infant becomes a guardian angel for life.The day of the saint will be a holiday, and it troubles should ask for intercession.Everything else depends on us living on Earth.

God bless you!