How to draw a beautiful landscape?

Probably every person in my heart just a little, but the artist.The sense of beauty is in all, another thing that someone it manifests itself in someone sensitively napping and someone - sleeps soundly.And, of course, every once in your life, but it gave a sense of freedom.Drawing - at least in childhood - all.Someone on the canvas, someone - on plain paper, some stick in the sand, but not the essence of the matter.The most important thing - that at least one of the one hundred turned the game into the meaning of life, and became a painter.

Writing picture people can work in different directions.Some write portraits, others - abstract shapes.But the original foundation of art is the landscape.After all, it demonstrates the ability of man.

send beautiful landscape is not as easy as it may seem.After all, it is necessary not only to see the beauty of nature, but also be able to allocate the main and secondary, to be able to feel the harmony of shapes and colors, to set a uniform style throughout the film.And if there is no such power, it is impossible to learn to draw.

But suppose that the most essential qualities in the young artist already.How can he draw a beautiful landscape?

It is primarily, of course, should choose a particular part of nature, which he will write.Of course, it is best to work with a real, live scenery, not a photo.

After that, you must decide what exactly come into the picture, because it is impossible to sketch everything visible.You can use the following method: to squint so that everything seems to blur, it lost the clarity of outline;to determine which objects were the most prominent.And put them on the sketch.They will set the colors and the whole works.

Drawing foreground picture, you can go to the image details.Note that if you sketched the object is far away, it's best to approach it and to explore - just so you can write a really beautiful landscape.

course, minor details must be carried out in the overall color scheme.

landscape painter Everyone needs to know that it is very difficult to draw a tree.It is necessary to study them for a long time in the winter or late fall, to understand the "design" of the trunk and branches, the nuances of the cortex, and in the summer or spring - because the beauty and singularity of the crown can be seen only.

way: the most beautiful landscapes of the world were written by artists who know how to depict trees in the smallest details.

Also very important is the choice of writing instrument.Of course, everything depends not only on the preferences of the artist, but from what he has better.You can write very beautiful landscapes with oil, but this paint requires skillful handling and patience.But she painted a picture retain freshness and closeness to the original.

However, the pencil you can write a beautiful landscape.The main thing - to be able to work with him and have a large number of different colors.However, the same can be said of any paint, whether it is oil, gouache or watercolor.

Try, learn, improve - and succeed!And the greatest artists of the world were once newcomers, the first time holding a brush and palette!