Travel vivid places of Phuket - Thailand's gems

Thailand - distant and mysterious country with a tropical climate, so different from our usual conditions.It can easily go to a sudden rain, and then for a couple of hours all the water has dried completely.One of the brightest gems of Thailand's Phuket Island is famous for its beautiful beaches and entertainment.Phuket is very small, but the abundance of beautiful beaches, highly rated surfers, making it a paradise in the summer.

Going to Phuket, I took care to think of ways your vacation.Book a room at the hotel.By the way, if there is no difference in principle, it is possible instead of expensive hotels in Patong can stay, for example, Kamala or Kata - the service is not worse, and the price of second-line hotels much cheaper.The beaches are located in ten minutes of each other, and half an hour from the capital of the island, so you can easily get to any point of time is negligible.You can use a taxi or bus, but your car will look more logical if you are looking for familiarity with the local public transport.I ordered the machine over the Internet.Stumbling in the search on the site, a couple of minutes I was able to place your order.I chose a sedan Toyota Altis - the Asian analogue of Corolla.Convenient and comfortable Toyota, great helm, and not without reason is considered the best in the series.

Attractions Phuket

Island abounds with great places.That there is only an aquarium, consisting of two parts - freshwater and saltwater.In the aquarium, you can find beautiful inhabitants of the Andaman Sea.The island has a wonderful museum and live butterflies.Some specimens reach 20 centimeters in wingspan - those in our latitudes can not be found, a true exotic.Nearby is and Entomological Museum, where the history of the silk production.

Another wonderful nature of the island, which perfectly combines tropical forests, sea and cliffs.Sirinat Park is famous for its views and the famous rock in the form of an iceberg Tapu, overgrown with trees.It looks very strange against the background of the bright waters of the bay.The park is located three beaches, two of which are completely wild, and the third is located amusement park.

The small Phuket several beautiful waterfalls.Some are short, consisting of numerous rapids, extending for kilometers, but the Bang Pae very high and affluent.

On the island you can get to the theater performances, telling about the history of Thailand.The most famous of these is the show Fantasia on Kamala Beach.The presentation, which lasts several hours, involved not only people, but also elephants.The spectacle is worth a look, though it does not like everything.It depends on the personal perception of certain things.

Also on the island are many interesting religious buildings - high Buddha statue, which overlooks the surrounding countryside - the beaches of Kata and Chalong.Secondly, Wat Chalong, consisting of several buildings, showing coloring eastern religion.

offered on Phuket and numerous entertainment - diving, surfing (waves in Phuket do not concede Indonesian), flights on the ropes, and numerous nightclubs.On some beaches the nightlife even more active day, which I had the opportunity to see.By the way, this is another reason to choose Kamala beach - where you can sleep at night without accompaniment disco tunes.

Overall, the trip to the Thai island has allowed a break from the hustle and bustle, escape from the usual way of life, a look at the mysterious world of the tropics.I really liked it.Though not cheap, but when choosing a route exotic Thailand is included in the list of candidates.

Author: Andrew Mineev